1. That announcer is out of his league, and his mind even comparing the lousiest no prep smoke show surface and 5 mins between Pairs (total 100 car count), to the NHRA running today on a few tracks a 400- 500 CAR BRACKET RACE w/ Super Pro/ Pro w/ double entries, with a pair going through the lights, a pr staging, a pr in the water box and 100 pr lined up behind them and getting it done, and nobody on the line or even in the area to trash up the starting line (directing themselves on a hooking track and running on real clocks with real close total packages for big bucks, and nobody needing to wa)k an 1/8th mile to look at the results on camera for a single pair decision).

    Absolutely zero contest. A clown show circus, vs professional run. And those were today, 50K and 75K, yesterday each ran a different race for 30K. And both were 4-5 days of racing in VA and IL.

  2. Announcer talks down about the NHRA and they authorized and donated a Wally for the winner. You should be a little better to your sponsors at that event or they could hear about the trash talk, and realize the low appreciation of the promoter. Fensler earned it. I am addressing the promoters announcer with the above.

    NHRA does that only because in good faith to promote legal track racing, it is an on track event, and not an illegal street race event, so appreciate their good will just a little more, with less trash talk toward those showing your racers goodwill. R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

    I know how valuable Wally's are, I own more than a few. They show true drag racing accomplishment, and are prized upon any trophy shelf, by any racer earning them, so respect those that provide and authorize them…Not something you can just go to any trophy store and buy…It is Wally Parks, the FOUNDER OF THE NATIONAL HOT ROD ASSOCIATION depicted on the ultimate trophy.

    Just my 2 cents.

  3. Man bro I subscribed last night under the live feed not to many give a shout out an then let me know how 1 of my favs to win is doin!!! Thank u sir no complaints here bub u killed it!!!

  4. I'm soooo Fckn sick of watching Mustangs !! They should have new rule.. If you race a fox body Mustang, then it has to be Ford powered !! Lmao Joke…. Not Really!!

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