Did we finally hurt The Falcon?! Preparing for WAR IN THE WOODS!


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  1. "It's Obnoxious, it really is"… yeah thats kind of the whole point of what y'all do around here! Glad to see that little Falcon is flying right again can't say enough about how fantastic of a score it was you guys picking up that little black bullet. Keep on keepin on boys!

  2. Hell yeah can’t wait you guys should take him a win on this one both cars are looking strong go get that way and body

  3. Much respect to you Billy, you rarely hawk swag or beg for people to comment, like and subscribe. You just do your thing.

  4. Love watching the interaction between you 2. You definitely have each other’s backs. Keep the content coming. Give them hell at war in the woods.

  5. If you ever need someone to do safety wire aka lock wire that's good at it let me know the army made me do that shit on helicopters all the time they made us be good at it

  6. Idk why but I just thought it would be funny if you guys did the video at a library or something and nobody would know what you are taking about with boost and 10 pounds at 4600 or 4300 and just have another camera watching ppl overhear you they would have so many questions at the dinner table later lol

  7. Alot of times as long as it's within 15% or so but cranking pressure can change with cam size because of the valve o/c events. I've seen people with 408 strikers with 11:1 come up with test results be around 160psi then you have a Honda d series that has 200psi lol

  8. Come on BTK take that S10 in to the winner's circle. You definitely deserve it for all your hard work. You've been doing a bang up job brotha.

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