DETAILS ON THE NEW 405 SHOW – Street Race Talk Episode 340

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  1. I hope phantom from 187customs tries to get on the small tire list with shop truck. Also I know azn has the red small tire Chevy 2 maybe he will to

  2. How about stop all of them except npk's because small tire daily drives shows are good as suicide..that's shit is fun and exciting as waiting for water to boil..

  3. Sim, Ryan Martins new small tire car is a 70 Chevelle SS.
    He has been looking for one for a long time. Now he had a reason to buy one and build it.

  4. I heard yesterday from my new neighbor that he got a call that he's in for the small tire. Not one of the usual names anyone has mentioned. I live about 10 miles south of Murder Nova's house, so I would think it is a 405 event.

  5. Still not for sure what they are classifying a small tire because a few of those are builds with some 325 drag radials which are considerably larger than a 28/10.5

  6. In order to be very accurate you may want to consider following a few of the different members so it’s like Lutz and 189 customs and possibly even Monse who just showed his new car

    Basically it’s their daily drivers that they have built that they’re going out and racing with

  7. Hey sim it's going to be an interesting show to see who all is going to be there and who ain't and see how good these boys and girls do on small tires I think jj's crew has a little advantage in small tires since they go back and forth from big to small were as everyone else has been on big tires for a while so super excited to see the new show and cars as always sim keep up the awesome work let's go ttve 💪 💯

  8. Sim I bet the og mused nova comes out with a procharged hemi in it if you watch 187’s last video Shawn says they basically have the same car/set up as Ryan Martin in the og that they haven’t updated us on in a while I called that months ago when phantom showed up at Ryan’s shop but everyone said no about the hemi but it’s going in the og not the npk car

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