Dentley 4 Seats Are Better Than 1 #winning #dodge

Project Dentley gets 4 seats installed. Jeff builds a set of wheelie bars. This truck is getting closer and closer to being done. #dentley #dragrace #car #crc #truck #dodge

Big Thanks To

@CRC Industries
@Lutz Race Cars


  1. Awesome fricken ride. Can't wait to see this rig and Baby D rippin and gotten. Awesome Clay. Thanks for bringing us along

  2. Wow, JUST WOW!!! It is so incredible to see your son follow in your footsteps! And even beyond that, EXCEED what you've done! Your a great father Jeff, and you son is a huge testament to that! Love y'all and keep up the great work!

  3. It's a awesome day when Clay and Jeff are together love how dently is coming along Jeffrey is doing a awesome job. God bless you guys and as always be safe 👍

  4. Glad to see a dodge man through and through like me. I have a 68 roadrunner 78 dodge van from high school 95 dodge 3500 diesel 96 dodge 1500. 99 2500 v10. 2000 Durango 01 Durango 02 & 03 & 07 Durango 05 dodge 1500. 03 PT cruiser & on & on no fords no chevy’s all molar can’t get enough. Can’t wait to see your truck up and running. Soon

  5. Jeff Lutz and Jeffrey is a class act some of the nicest people you could ever know. The truck is unreal definitely a SEMA Worthy vehicle top notch Awesome video Clay

  6. I can definitely see this truck being in that sick magazine or I don't know the guy that did sick week has a magazine I can't remember the name of it but I've received this truck being in several hot rod magazines I guarantee it

  7. Man oh Man Dentley looks
    Great. Jeffrey has out did
    his self the console is nice
    Heck everything is nice on
    the truck. I'd like to see it
    when it's finished totally.

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