DDE Dean Karnage SPLIT?!

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Stefan Lewis: My 1000WHP Corvette Impounded for “120mph” Pull

Hoonigan: Alex Choi’s 1200hp Lamborghini Huracan vs Twin Turbo Hemi Jeep Drag Race!

Lucky Lopez: Rental Car Recession

Doug DeMuro: The 2022 Audi R8 Is the End of the Line for the V10

0:00 Intro & DISCLAIMER!
1:09 DDE & Dean Karnage SPLIT?
7:22 Stefan Lewis IN TROUBLE!
8:34 Alex Choi on HOONIGAN!
9:16 Lucky Lopez Breaks down the Rental Car Recession!
10:06 NEW R8! What do we think?
10:49 NIGHT!


  1. It's all about exposure and money for Damon, I think. Damon and Dean may have had some sort of handshake agreement where Damon would infuse cash into Team Karnage and Dean's Formula Drift aspirations and in return there was probably an
    expectation that Damon's cars and wild modifications would get taken care of. And as a result, that may have taken a lot of time away from Team Karnage. If you look back over the last few years you'll see that a lot of people and businesses that have been with DDE have come and gone. So there may be a lot of things going on behind the scenes that the rest of us don't know about. Damon's been around the block enough that he may have people signing NDA's so that if and when things fall apart, no one can say anything without them risking getting sued by him. If you notice that with all the people and businesses that have been with DDE and have left, none have said anything bad about DDE or Damon.

  2. No lie I think we all knew this would happen the moment Damon and Dave bought the team. You can have two different focus points because you’re either doing project cars for personal use or project cars for events.

  3. 3 people that DDE can’t and won’t afford to lose PFs(YouTube Discounted Wraps), Gintani (Because who else is willing complete their projects now) and August ( The guys who sells them the cars on a somewhat discount for YouTube coverage).

  4. you can tell the very week they broke up when dean stopped putting dde tag in his Instagram post but I think they might actually own some of the team when they posted about hyper nft race day

  5. here's my take and I could be wrong but…………Dean has an established crew…… Dean and DDE form a partnership……. all of a sudden there are cameras in EVERYONES face…… filming EVERTHING…….. some crew members don't feel cool about this…… some crew members leave…… Dean is understandably butt hurt about losing his guys…… Dean is silent about it because it's a sore spot………… not everyone is cut out or wants to be in front of a camera 24/7……

  6. Thanks!

    Btw I was told directly from a crew member that it's over. I was at formula d last weekend in St Louis. They couldn't even sell me a shirt with DDE AND Karnage on it. Had to give it to me for me to get one!

  7. DDE is a tool. Take his reaction to the Miami restaurant situation it reviled his 2 faced real personalities. He commented on Emilia Hartford last video & she didnt like or respond because he showed his true colors & leaked content of one of her cars before she did.
    Not to mention he is constantly trailering he cars which is a direct contradiction of the purpose of his channel. And most his content is not original or its remakes of what other yt personalities have already done.

  8. I'm sure with the race season ongoing and being in the east coast remember hearing somewhere the race team was staying out east so as to not have to travel all the way back to Cali. I'm sure if there has been or is going to be a split that the official announcement will come after the season is over. I hope there isn't a split, but we shall see.

  9. DDE keeps finding ways to do business with someone and it turn into a mess. Look at their past relationships.
    Alex Choi
    AGX (and their mechanics)
    Houston and royalty exotics
    The Tesla guy that also had a Lambo (remember her flipped it)
    Mad whips (but he's useless anyway)
    Their current mechanic that's doing the flame throwing exhaust seems to never really want to have anything to do with them.
    Even August Luxury Motors doesn't do much with them any more.

    DDE seems to either take advantage of or exploit those they work with and then burn that bridge down just as they form a "new relationship" with someone else.

    Dean needs to run and run away fast. DDE was going to use the race mechanics to build their Ferrari, what do you expect when you buy into a race team and have the racecar mechanic work on your personal projects. Of course people are going to leave.

  10. I’ve never liked Dean. He’s just a man child that doesn’t know when to stop and go’s overboard. What went down with the others leaving the team obviously went the wrong way for DDE. Clearly DDE wanted the tech skills of deans team. Then they get let go; then why keep Dean? So splits it is in my view point.

  11. told yaaaa, dde fam fkkkery attacked me for speculating dde split with karnage, they were so hurt. damon took advantage of team karnage..the best thing that has happened to dde and damon had to fkkk it up by taking advantage of another person. glad for team karnage, maybe they can start their own channel…lots of cool cats in there. finally dean woke up

  12. This is really sad so over this with DDE from sheepy race to SG now to Dean always problems down the line. Dont even watch their content anymore.

  13. I've been waiting for this video! Maybe this will get them to say anything even if it's a "hey we split up for personal reasons and don't want to get into it." Love the videos!

  14. My 3 favorite car channels are dde, life of Palos and vin wiki. I have to think Dave and damon are both a lot to handle? I can't speculate on anything at all. I'm just a crazy Canadian like they are and I hope Dean shows back up at some point.

  15. It was to good to be true.Dean’s team and DDE.I guess they should leave the mechanics to the experts (AGX)..Unfinished The S55 Mercedes’ the Dodge Viper and there current projects

  16. They did not break up.. 🤦🏼‍♂️ its just race season like damon and dave said.. in the dde vlog damon said who was out of the team 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ stop this nonsense!!

  17. Problem is Damon, he’s a narcissist through and through…

    Only befriends those who benefits him. Once he can no longer benefit…he cuts people off.

    I mean literally all the shops he goes to the employees doesn’t seem very fond of him… uncle ray ray included!

  18. DDE and a lot of partnerships have gone away in the past. I’m a huge fan of them but we have all seen this time and time again. There’s a reason and we may never know the actual reason why. The whole thing between him and Houston Crosta sheds a lot of light on some of it I think

  19. I noticed by the years something is always happening I don't how Damon Is as a person maybe ones you get to know him his different I don't know im just saying things like what happened to royalty exotic from Las Vegas and sheepei racing and Dean karnage drift racing whats next gintani is gonna be beefing with them to something must be going on love dde but damns that sucks they don't have Tom the porche tech he was a fucking beast man

  20. what happened was. some of Dean's Crew left the race team that's why dde posted a video talking about the two Race Team member who left. Damon is now looking for a fabricator to finish the 550 maranello. There is no beef between Damon and Dean

  21. The DDE in house build team won't come back to DDE according to DDE ! No more drifting colab according to DDE ! No more highschool crotch punching !

  22. why is the car community turning into beckys and karens? does it matter? people move on from each other, are you friends and hang out with your 3rd grade buddy?

  23. When they said that some of the team parted way's, Tommy (Mastertech) stopt following team karnage and removed the tag of them in his bio. Just saying

  24. IF! They split it has to come down to dollars and cents with Damon. And how the Financial productivity of the drift car was either taken or being thrown into is something to take into consideration.

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