Daddy Dave Wheel Giveaway

To celebrate hitting 50,000 subscribers I’m giving away the wheel from Goliath when I crashed in Georgia to one of you! This is a cool opportunity to have something unique to put on display at the house or garage.

Get entered today, Ends Tuesday April 26th:


  1. Damm you have a legends piece of history would be absolutely fucking awesome I wish I could win it but either way who ever does win it please don’t throw it away it deserves to be displaying as a piece of true drag racing legend daddy Dave’s career keep kicking ass like always godspeed

  2. @Daddy Dave My Grandson would be amazed to have that wheel.thats all I hear when we're going down the road do it like DADDY DAVE PAPPY.LOL when I ask him who's gonna win a race he says DUH DADDY DAVE!! LOL he's a blast to be around for sure.whrn he's playing with his match box cars on the little plastic track I'll say so who's racin Jayden? He says DADDY DAVE AND RYAN MARTIN.LOL ANYWAY keep up the good work and Good luck this year Jayden and myself will be rooting for ya..

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