Cutting Up a $1500 Moroso Oil Pan for the AWD Hellcat Magnum!!!

I was able to get all of the new arms from AAD Performance figured out and installed, after that I cut up the oil pan so I can remake it to work with the Trackhawk AWD!!!

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David Nenno


  1. Decisions decisions lots of room up front for the sump!This just keeps getting better and better damn sweet control arms .can’t wait for next update!

  2. Lol, this is already an insane project, so just do the insane thing for your oil pan clearance and go dry sump- problem solved!

  3. With all the cutting that you did. Probably could have cute everything off of the sealing surface and made you own pan using that as the base.

  4. The easiest to use right now is Creality's scanner. But there are a few others that for a high price can do what you want.

  5. if you ever sell this thing make sure you sell it on cars and bids. doug demuro will have a kick out of this. and will most likely review and make you famous so you have more subscribers.

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