Cruising the Grand Prix at the NSRA Southwest Street Rod Nationals

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  1. should be fun to see what happens with this dumpster fire of a show. ppl wanted relatable cars and instead of 300-500k race cars we get 100-200k (if not more in some cases) street cars with 1500-2k+ hp lol the memes will make themselves. We'll see but i bet there will be a massive ratings drop after first few shows(once racing starts) when money bags ryan continues to dominate like in every other street outlaws show.

  2. Race cars are cool. But Street cars and hot rods are cooler. Any car that has all the amenities like AC and power everything and you can take your girl out to eat, or to a car show and drive it around in traffic without it overheating and then turn around and make a 8 or 9 second pass in it. That's bad ass in my book. Way more fun and stress free than a race car.

  3. Hello Hey Hi and Howdy Hero …. Cleveland Tenn Chicken Hauler that Moves Produce Coast To Coast Waivin' a Hand 👋 Sayin' Peace ✌️ Love and 18 Wheelz to ya ,,, And To Everyone else out there in YouTube Land Deuces ✌️ my Friends

  4. The Grand Prix is legit. From what I have seen so far, you have the most realistic street car than the others being built. I was hoping the others would have kept it simple instead of building a dream show car. They are nice cars but somebody can buy a new Hellcat and put a little extra work in it and do a good job on the street and still have money in the bank compared to some that are going to be on the show.

  5. All you guys have built some amazing cars. Can't wait to see the show. More excited about this show than any other. All you guys seem to be enjoying this alot more.

  6. I love this car and I think monza built it in the spirit of the's a badass car but you just know one of the guys is gonna show up in a full on friggin racecar with lights.

  7. GP sweet can't wait to see her on track or street making some pulls
    BTW tell monza Crack a smile or something he's like a drill Sargeant 😉

  8. That Grand Prix turned out really nice great job guys, honestly I’d rather see true street cars over the full blown race cars. Racing is awesome, but when you can cruise it and race it that’s a hundred times cooler.

  9. Had to do this one Proper. And watched the Ads first ! I don't always watch the Ads. But when I do , it's probably on a 405 channel.

  10. Beautiful car Monza. Love the colour choice as well.

    When do you think you will have merchandise back in? I live in Australia and would love to get a hoodie and shirt.

  11. If Lutz is using that 55 that thing is a legit race car it's not a street car by any means. I watched his videos of it but if it fits the rules I guess it's OK.

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