CRAZY Shop Day ! Top Fuel Legend comes to Visit! We Start a XFWD project for the first time!

In this episode ! Our Great Friend Clay Millican shows up at the shop! In this episode we have a great conversation and get to know Clay a little better! Then we finish up wiring and start this beautiful masterpiece of a hot rod civic! This is an episode nobody wants to miss!

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  1. Like how you guy's were discussing music 🎶 90s rap song's are the best. Always need music when working on car's…. Toby Keith "as good as I once was" country, I'll mess it. I think 06-07

  2. your shop looks like a shit hole why dont you clean it. 'supposed' to be a professional workshop

  3. I'd vote for cleeter every time over the uniparty money launderers. Politicians should have nascar jackets so we can all see where their loyalty lies.

  4. No truer words have be told we will take it to the streets hell we are still in the streets we never left them! Support your local street racer!

  5. What an awesome video. Just two cool drag racing dudes, one of there son's, some 90s Hip Hop, and good times. What more could you ask for in life. Doing what you love with the people you love to do it with.

  6. Oh man this just reminds me of seeing Dave Mirra and Ryan Nyquist riding in Greenville. I was cruising by in a clapped out Pontiac GrandAm hahaha

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