CORN SWAP! Testing a Quick Fuel 750 E85 Carb for POWER & ECONOMY!

In the never ending search for more power for less money, Hot Rodders will try anything. Including readily available alternative fuels. E85 is cheaper than pump gas, but will support more compression, ignition timing, and power without detonation. But at what cost? Follow along as I convert the Malibu and we show the good, the bad, and the ugly.


  1. Love watching your content and thank you for the switch to E85, one question I do have is if I were to switch to it as well would I have to change all of my fuel line. I currently have regular -8an braided fuel line, but have been told that I would need to change to the ptfe lines

  2. Can anyone explain the difference from a lock up converter and a non lock up? I'm clueless on converters lol but was told I need around a 2800 stall for my 4l60e with a 355 in a chevy z71 but unsure about which to get and don't wanna get something that won't work best lol

  3. Why would the Camaro guy store it with e85 in it. That's a no no. I either pickle the injectors or run a tank of unleaded before storing.

  4. As always great video have never used e85 that's pretty cool. I have a 01 Ford ranger with 3.0 engine v code has green sticker on it. We have a 92 geo tracker 4×4 1.6 engine my son accidentally put bout 3 gallon in was afraid it would hurt it but said it ran a lot better n actually got better fuel mileage will it hurt the engine if it was not made for it.? Thanks for sharing

  5. Bill, this format with the Mally continues to attract attention and help racers. Bill Kings comment was spot on and really gave you props for your help in the bracket community, and he doesn't sound like a stranger to track side. Enjoy this racing, helping the boys (and girls), and hopefully a family project soon with your parents and one of those hot rods up there, oh yeaaaaa!

  6. Could you "stand alone " with E85 with a 1/4 turn ball valve to isolate the gas and ethanol systems ?? Just so you could compete in a drive & drag event

  7. Do you use the same jets as a pump gas carb? Also, how do you choose a power valve? I struggled to get my small block to run well and ended up with a block off.

  8. Bill I happened to notice at 6:23 in the video that the Malibu’s motor mount bolt might be coming out. Just thought I’d mention it but a great video as always and can’t wait to see the upcoming E85 content!

  9. Hey Bill, I sent you a fakebook message in messenger. I know you're all extremely busy but would you please read it when you get a chance. I love the content and everything y'all do for everybody. You're a good man and you remind me of my late dad. If not, it's perfectly fine with me. Thank you for all you do. It's amazing!!! Keep it up.

    P.s. I don't want a single thing from you or anybody else.

  10. Those quick fuel e85 carbs are the ticket, got one for my 78 Malibu with a 400 sbc and it will print tickets all day, it’s the driver you gotta worry about lol

  11. Really cool video Bill, it’ll be cool to see the difference between the e85 and pump gas. Keep up the good work, and best of luck this weekend with the Malibu.

  12. Could you run pump gas with a E85 carb and swap back and forth I’m thinking about running e85 on my big block Chevy but there is only one station near me that has e85 and it’s 30 miles away

  13. Can you explain whether or not you made changes to the fuel system when switching to E85 carburetor! What fuel pumps and filter can you get away with using on a carburetor application?

  14. I bought a 91 Silverado 1500 trying to figure out what/ why it wants to die out/ sputter any time I give it gas or let it idle any tips on what to look at motor is a 350 5.7 sbc.

  15. Bill I've got a 351 Windsor with a 650 vacuum secondary Demon carburetor on it and it's rich at idle do you have any suggestions.

  16. Hi bill I do have a question but about the locked out distributor, I locked mine out and it preforms really well but when the car warms up it can be a struggle to start and really hard on the starter motor, it’s only a 11 to 1 comp and a 650 cranking amp battery just wondering if you had any thoughts??

  17. Looking forward to more e85 content, ss well as anything else you put out!
    Building a 64 chevy2 gasser with a 383 sbc. Full frame about done, then floor.
    Love all your content, and keep it coming! Thx!

  18. Hope you use new head bolts on that 327, most don't know the head bolts are torque to yield items meaning they need to be replaced with new ones each time they are taken out. Especially with a performance engine.

  19. Last year at pacemakers when matt put on the shit box showdown my wife and I trailered our sonic blue ford lightning down from Toledo. The main reason we went was to meet you guys in real life, I had watched at you guys at Milan for pyop. Since that day on I was hooked on no prep racing. My wife and I are currently celebrating our 5 year anniversary in hocking hills. We both would love to purchase some merch and possibly pick it up on our way back to Toledo. We love what you guys do as a family. Vicki has even made me want to go to Cracker Barrel now… we love what you guys do, keep it up…

  20. I forgot to say when I raced my lightning at Matt’s shit box showdown I pulled up to do a burnout and you were standing behind my truck and see I had a dealer plate and laughed, that make my night…

  21. Man that Camaro looks fantastic, a Big Block with a 4-speedy it doesn't get much better than that. Don't get me wrong, I would love to have the Malibu, it's looking fabulous and in my opinion running great as well and the color combo doesn't get much better either. Good luck if you go racing and if you're going to be doing that, I'd be looking for a 12-bolt rear end replacement or a 9-inch, even better yet. It's not likely your ever going to get rid of that beautiful thing anyhow, or at least I wouldn't be. Damn, I wish I had half the cars I've owned back, and at 72 years you can only imagine what that would consist of. Woops, didn't mean to go off on a tangent like that. You go racing and have a great time and enjoy yourself. 😎✌️❤️

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