Closest streetbike races ever


  1. Good stuff bro.. hope TJ get it together to be consistent with races. I know when you spraying that spray if affects a bunch of parts. He may want to think about going turbo. Panda talk to your boi.. btw when you go race again on Area 51? Or is it a show bike now? And Charles is the number 1 cheerleader.. I think im watching your videos now just to see what Charles lying about.

  2. Them zx14's need some no2 cause tj reeling they asses in boi good shit dre with keeping us locked in with yall respect my guy 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

  3. “He DO got a slider” 😂😂😂😂 John knew better and he still got his head chopped off by Romeo💀💀

  4. Wonder how fast Romeo bike will be if he actually tucks in behind the windshield? He's sitting up like he done seen big booty Judy on the corner😂😂😂

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