Claude Banks 1987 Buick Regal, Kye Kelley's Street Outlaws End Game daily driver build on the dyno

Introducing “Claude Banks,” Kye Kelley’s 1987 Buick Regal daily driver street car built in 6 weeks for the Street Outlaws End Game show. Watch the full build on Discovery Channel! Be sure to like the video and subscribe to the Channel! Find me on social media also!
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  1. You guys are a damn riot! Great episode and Claude lookin BADASS dood! You best be keeping those gold wheels too!

    I'm hoping they have subtitles for Ax-Man's episode, hard to understand that Boomhower sounding dude sometimes… LOL!

  2. Just watched the show last night! Your a cool down to earth guy for real! I seen a dirt track car outside ur shop too,nice! Bad Ass regal I’m a Fan bro 😎

  3. Love the fact the you realize what discovery was wanting to do with this show… you could’ve built that Camaro like Ryan did his $200k Chevelle but you wanted it to be what the 16 year old kye would want if he had a little cash to throw at Claude!

  4. Them boys gonna love the look of that blurry bumper in the distance !
    That mfer is bad ass Kye! Seriously the right decision on the Regal man.
    I had a 84 back in the day…came with a 4.6 diesel that was blown up. I put a lil 289 and tranny in that mfer and that thing would fly.
    I was coming home from work one day and some drun k ass woman pulled across the road i was on and out in front of me and stopped sideways while I was doing 55. That car was dead and I ended got me a sweet Camaro that got me put in jail hehe.

  5. The 87 Regal has been my favorite car forever. I have owned a couple of them and own an 86 GN now. Absolutely love that you built a Regal. You made me a fan Kye!

  6. I think they should have to do like cleetus and drive 100 -200 miles then race, then drive again. That would be a street car

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