Hi guys welcome back to the channel and to a some what random video I guess but i wanted to bring you all along for the ride, also stay tuned for the end of the video as I have a big announcement to make.

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  1. Your 89 Mini project isn't dragging on as far as I'm concerned. Also I thank you for putting regular videos on for Mini nuts like me. About your rotisserie/jig. It sure beats rolling a Mini shell up against a wall supported on an old mattress which is how I had to do mine. Cheers!

  2. Mrs Simpson’s ‘89 is going well especially once you have it on the jig. Painting won’t be too far away then. Keep on doing the videos as and when work and life allow. 👏

  3. The Firtan – I’m needing to treat the whole interior of my mini as it’s going to be the stripped out race car style – it’s in decent shape in there but quite heavily pitted – would I be best to firtan it and then perhaps choose a [white] hammerite rust cure and primer all in one to to paint over the top or is that overkill? (Thinking this is all stuff I can do whilst the car is still stationary)

  4. Great video to see the background stuff that nobody sees . Shows that there is so much more to it than just cutting and welding . Sorry to here about the Volvo going . At least it's not going far and you have the chance to buy her back if you want to in the future .. go on what did you buy .. Passat TDI as a daily 😜.. really looking forward to seeing what's in the pipeline

  5. These road blocks/bumps in the road ahead of you are there to test you man. Excited for the future for you man. Keep plugging on you are inspiring us mere mortals to get involved! you know i use the jig/rotisserie and love mine, will be great for painting the under side to be able to get a top quality job. Excited to see what your nbext doing with the 89. Thanks Marc!

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