Chuck 55 vs Doc in Heavy Metal Blown Nova

In this video we have chuck 55 who drives a 55 chevy that had a sonny’s world class motors with a lot of nitrous. The 55 has won many no prep events prior to no prep kings but the no prep kings race is one where all the fast cars are at. Chuck 55 was doing well being in the middle of pack all last season so this season he brought out an all new 55 chevy that looks similar to the last 55. The difference between the two cars are that the 55 has a blown combination with some suspension upgrades. With such a new car chuck 55 brought it out not knowing how it would respond. The response was a half track wheelie and applying major power. The future looks bright for this team and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. This past weekend of The Street Outlaws in Brainerd,MN was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! SEEING Kye Kelly beat Jeff Lutz I the Finals was so cool to see. Congrats on 40k more in the pocket Kye

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