Carnage – The MX5 Gets A New Look

Motorex is this weekend in Melbourne in preparation for the MX5 to be on the VPW stand at Motorex, it gets a few additions.

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  1. Hi Scotty , changing the spring you would have to change all of your duty cycle in the boost map ? Or might over boost engine ?

  2. I get the impression that paper catalogs / magazines are still popular in Australia compared to the USA. Perhaps this is due to lack of / slow internet once you leave a big city?

  3. Had a great experience with VPW recently for a warranty. I had a failed vac advance unit on a Holden distributor. No questions asked just sent me another to get me going again, was super impressed.

  4. Super Solo Scotty rides again. The little mazda will look great on their stand. Hope the filmer and his family get over the covid thing quickly with no after effects.

  5. Swear I saw the go through Bendigo the other week (unless there is another exact lookalike hah) going past the Eaglehawk golf club, saw it out my window so I sprinted outside by the time I was outside it was already past the roundabout. looks awesome!

  6. I'm sorry mate, but to see a top quality Aussie made Plazmaman Plazmaclamp being replaced by a Chinese made copy in the name of sponsorship feels like the build is going against what Carnage and Street Machine magazine should stand for.

  7. Hearing your explanation of the wheels process and watching you struggle on the ground with the wheel while your back leans against the HOIST arm gave me much anxiety and made me much confused

  8. Some real nice gear they fitted, i could feel the cursing when you was fitting them rear wheels onto the studs !! Aha ..damn like I've said they look great " .

  9. I’m bloody spewin I didn’t know Melbourne motorex was on and then I saw pics of this there I’ve been so keen to see the thing… if your bringing it to any coming up shows can you tell me

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