Camaro Action at Hinton Street Races!

In this video we got some camaro action at the hinton street races held in hinton, oklahoma. The camaros in the video were a small group in a larger group of mustangs that were racing at the event. First up is a na camaro taking some the competition and looking good doing so. Following the black camaro we included another black camaro that raced taco time. Taco time is a fairmont that was suppose to the black camaro but was stuck at the staging lanes trying to make his call. The black camaro had done his burnout already and was waiting on taco time. Some confusion had happened between if taco time should have done a burnout or not. The crews were fired up as the competition was tight and the money was good. Check out all the great action at the hinton street races and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. Who's the bossy b_tch calling shots about a car she isn't driving. Doesn't own. Doesn't work on. WTF!!!! Stay out of it lady. Non of your business. Its between 2 men and 2 cars.

  2. #1 the race master is who gives the 2 min warning, not the other lane or their friends!
    #2 a timer only starts if the car won't start, or both cars have done a burnout a 1 cannot make it to the line!
    #3 you guys weren't even backed in to your tracks and or lined up and you were calling for time, wtf?
    #4 if you or your crew don't know any better then you might educate then a little! If you notice of the hundred other races of the night the one with the most controversial bs is happening because a woman that thinks she knows something, totally knows the opposite!
    Oh and #5 just to know the whole story, 1st round 1st pair and this guy's opponent sat in his burnout box for over 15-20 minutes waiting on them without bitching not 1 time!
    Now someone tell me I'm wrong!

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