Bringing The Stepside Home! Our First Shop is Coming Together

We finally got the Stepside home and in our new garage! It was quite the debacle, but with some help of good ole friends and family, we got the job done. Now we can start putting all these new tools to use!


  1. You should try to sell the Blazer to Cleetus McFarland so in case he needs spare parts for the black one they have with the Texas Speed built LS with the big screw blower on it especially if they take it on Rocky Mountain Race Week again because the first time they took it I think it was on the 1st or 2nd pass and they lost all breaks and then at the end of the week when they made it back to the same track they were sitting there in the pits waiting to make a pass and the back glass I guess got too hot sitting in the sun and it shattered out of nowhere and not to mention both front floor boards are completely rusted out to where you can see the ground so needless to say I think if you want to get rid of it I think if you emailed him or hit him up on one of his social media's I think you would be able to sell it to him and if he didn't buy it for spare parts for their truck I would say he done fell and bumped his head

  2. Iv built alot of these trucks, basically the same way your doing it . Current build is a 93 shorty, 350 vortec long block with a lt4 hot cam , carb intake and 650 double pumper. 5 speed manual, lowered 4/7.

  3. Tommy you are learning to ride a bike again you just figure it out that's how all mechanics learn we'll keep watching we'll keep watching you feel and then you'll get it right good luck bud

  4. Where you bought that truck is like a half mile from where I live, I live right there by the Delaware fairgrounds!! It will be a nice truck after you get done with it

  5. I bought a SBC S10 8 years ago and still buying used cheap parts to get it going again…I'm 40 now and just hoping I can get it done before next spring! Be a decent street truck I hope

  6. You will have a bad ass truck when you are done with it!!!! You will basically have a brand new truck custom to what you want and you're gonna be so proud of yourself and learn alot on the way!!!!

  7. Great video ya'll!! Glad you got the truck home. Like your garage sweet tool box the best way to learn is hands-on ya'll will be fine it'll just take time best thing is ya'll are doin it together as a team ya'll look back 50 years from now and reminisce about what ya'll did n how much fun you had, that's what my little bride n I do after bein married 49 years. Thanks for sharing be safe have fun enjoy ya'lls time together

  8. When I started watching SRC I didn't learn about this channel for a good while. You should mention it more on the main channel so others like me will know about it. I feel like not alot of people read descriptions.

  9. Sell 2 of ur trucks, take the money n build 1 bad ass street truck then build the s10 when u get more money

  10. This young man rocks keep doing what you’re doing you and your girlfriend you’ll make great videos and we love your content man even know you’re learning that’s what makes it cool to watch

  11. My grandpa has a 93 k1500 that he was rear ended in and bent the frame. I'm sure he'd give you the truck, but we're waaay over in shitty WA state.

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