Brent Self,The Firebird,SRC Billy&Tommy,Beater Bomb&Spare Change Battle in the Ozarks NoPrep at ORP

Brent Self,Ryan Mitchell, Billy and Tommy from the @Street Racing Channel, Beater Bomb and Wes w the @Shomespeed – Spare Change Fox, not many times are u able to get all these Small Tire Killers in one place let alone at your home track! Well that was the case at the Battle In The Ozarks NoPrep at my home track Ozark Raceway Park and boy did they not disappoint , few of them putting down personal bests and sadly Billy ending up wrecking his new Nova!:( Here is all the footage from the Fri night Small Tire Shootout and TnT to Gangster Street and Small Tire classes Saturday! Hope everyone enjoys and please share away! Don’t 4get to hit that subscribe button! Thanks and God Bless!


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