Brandon James Blown Nova!!

In this video we have street outlaws live no prep kings racer brandon james in his blown nova at the houston no prep event. What makes brandon james think he can win a championship being the youngest racer in the line up? Try winning a cash days on the street against some of the top street racers in the world. Winning cash days is a big deal and shows he has what it takes to win the no prep kings championship. Brandon James has not done well last couple of seasons of no prep kings but has shown he has no quit as he continues to chip away from the top of ladder. James raced against fellow team mate Mike Bowman and number one on americas list bobby ducote. Some fast drivers and cars but Brandon taking it one race at a time will get to the top. Check out the video and watch brandon do his thing in houston and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias:


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  1. I went to that dam show freaking ridiculous how much talking they did and how dam long it took didn't leave there till 3:45 am when show was over.

  2. That diesel pro mod was done at extensive, the paint and body. And the turbo piping as well. The car is actually bad ass, and the boys at one way diesel have a ton of knowledge on Cummins.

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