BoostedGt's Endgame!!

Street Outlaws and No Prep Kings racer Boostedgt entered the small tire race at Hinton Street Drags. The winner of the small tire class wins ten thousand dollars. The small tire class consists of cars that fit a small tire which is usually a twenty ten five tire. This makes traction limited especially on a tricky surface. Boostedgt faced off against some fast oklahoma racers and did extremely well. Boostedgt races a big turbo mustang that makes great power. Boostedgt wasted no time as he applied as power the surface would hold and came out with several wins. Boostedgt ended up going to the finals against a fast turbo mustang. The showdown was and the winner walked away from with a ten thousand grand prize. Check out the video and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. Me and my wife got a chance to meet Kayla in Hebron Ohio what a great person to meet she has everything it takes to be a professional racer plus very witty smart and can drive a 5000 hp race car she deserves to be a movie star or whatever she wants to do with her life I’m sure sponsors would love to pick her up I also got a chance to racer her at Hebron Ohio in big tire . She is a really good person she deserves to be on the show she’s definitely one of the tops on Street outlaws and no prep Kings she will have a huge fan base.

  2. Boosted GT has a great car and for a long time holds his own on the 405 list on small tires. Maybe one of the fastest small tire cars.

  3. endgame? what the fuck does that even mean? i wish youtubers that dont even race would stop trying to reinvent our shit,. this is our sport. thats a small tire car. not an endgame.

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