Blew up the Cummins L-10 Diesel Pusher

Well, I did it! I tore the Cummins L-10 up. This thing only has about 120,000 miles and it spun a bearing. Let’s see how bad the damage is. It may be fixable, lets see what the future holds. Never know, We maybe able to clean everything really good and put new bearings in it and fire it up. These rods and crank are very beefy! This Diesel pusher is old, but I really hate to send it off to the scrap yard.


  1. I would pull head crank have crank turned and change rods I have been around diesel trucks thats to nice of motor home to part out if you spend 5 grand fixing it yourself is only 5 payments own new model diesel motor homes are not cheap

  2. I know on big diesel trucks they fix them in frame all the time. I would polish that crank Journal find another Rod or have that one resized and put it back together

  3. Hey John. please check the relief valve. debris will build up there. debris went through the whole engine. especially the turbo drain back tube. the rod bushings will take a beating and are the tightest tolerance in the whole engine. If you have any questions please hit me up. I have been through this a few times. the rod bolts may be loose., but only because they got hot. should be reconned. same with the mains. the crank could be bent from the heat. use a dial indicator on the center main. 16 years experience.

  4. Pull that rod down and see if you can get the pin out to replace the rod, if so i would pull that rod, polish up the crank and see how close it is to being .002 or .010 under to know what bearing is available to fit. If its still round and cleans up nice throw a new rod and bearing in it, clean the pan good and ride it around in the hood and change the oil filter a couple times. Should be good to go.
    We did just that on a big cam cummins on the side of I95 headed to Florida for storm repairs, that crank look toasted in that truck but it lasted 1700hrs after that repair ended up dropping a valve that killed it. We checked that journal when we pulled it and that bearing/journal looked happy, we had to chisel the bearing off the crank but the rod was too far gone and did replace it since we had 8 in the parts box

  5. I've been working on diesel engines for 25 years. You will need to take the engine apart. With not knowing how long the engine ran after losing oil pressure. With that much metal, ive seen metal in the top of the engine. Take it apart if you are going to keep it. It will benefit you in the long run. You could also have oil starved cam bearings. Wear on alot of parts. Sorry about your luck. Keep us informed.

  6. That's why you find a diesel pusher with the Cummins 8.3 in it. It's a wet sleeve motor so you can do in frame rebuilds.. so when you look at your next RV find a something right around a 2000. With a mechanical 8.3

  7. You can do what is referred to as an “in frame” rebuild. That motorhome having that combo is a valuable machine and it will be difficult to find a comparable unit.
    Or get ahold of Bus Grease Monkey and maybe do some collaboration videos

  8. I bought my diesel pusher from co part. I paid $3700 for a 1997 37' newmar dutchstar that has the 8.3 Cummins with a huge slide out . There was nothing wrong with it the insurance company totaled it out because it has a small leak next to the skylight in the shower. (Which almost all do at some point) which was a very easy fix.

  9. Take a gamble and roll a set of bearings in it
    Or roll the bearings in It and trade it in
    The good news is that looks like a brand new Oil filter you can reuse it lol

  10. Collaborate will a diesel channel in your area and promote each other into each of your demographics…. Win win …. It is what it IS 👍

  11. Replacing the engine is a whole lot cheaper than buying a new motor home. Always remember that no matter what they are driving, every driver is driving a used vehicle.

  12. I was was told by somebody that the computer in my Dodge Ram 2500 diesel will turn off the fuel if the engine loses oil pressure. I hope it will!

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