1. What about a 4×4 oil pan from a early 70s pick truck that had a 360, , 390 FE series they were mid/ rear sump pans….. that might work for some one who didnt want to do fab work on thier fire wall…i understand.the delema here with the after market front suspension…..but for some one who wanted.to add rack and.pinion…maby??

  2. I like the threaded back to front adjustment on that cherry picker. Will you have to put the radiator in the trunk or maybe move the grill framing forward?

  3. Kiwi, I have a '65 Mustang GT with that same front end. I did it over 20 yrs. ago. It causes oilpan issues that were easily solved by using a foxbody 5.0 oilpan. Many years ago in college a friend had a '67 GT 390. There was a lot of bashing done at the factory to get that engine in. The floor shifter came up in the same hole as the small block. On my '65 I used a T5 transmission and the shifter also fit the original hole with a little modification. There may be a rear sump oilpan available for the 427 FE, I don't know. Back in 1969 we used a Shelby oilpan on the 390 that added 2 quarts. I really enjoy your work. It's clean, neat and well thought out. This Mustang will really benefit from your touch. Loved the sawsall scene! Ford should have done that! See you in the next one, Dave

  4. You cant move the rack ! its got to go where it has to go ,And that is in plan view it must be straight across the car ,Also in horizontal view it must be straight at ride height ,modify something else or go back to a stock system ,Other wise you will have a Pig of a handling car .John Keane .Aus.

  5. Instead of modifying crossmember I would mod the pan. That second front sump is odd since the pickup cant access the oil. If you cut it off and add to the back sump, the eingine can be moved back easily. without messing with crossmember/steering. It would also allow for moving the rack later to correct any potential bump steer issues etc due to rack placement

  6. I understand what the customer wants here. I need to state the obvious here…there are so many better options than that FE. The price he could sell it for would probably finance the installation of a Windsor/Cleveland/boss. Heck the new 7.3 Godzilla or coyote…I know he is probably going for that old school feel. Sometimes you just give people what they want and not what they need.

  7. The FEs were very tight in mid size cars, thats why the 390GT/427/428 Had special exhaust manifolds, the wildest being the 66-67 427 Fairlane and 68 Cougar GTE.

  8. Hi there ,Thanks for coming back to me about my comment below , I fully agree that the lower arm and the outer track rod should be paralell to the road surface which Is why Ive always preferd the Holden type front end design over the Ford although Farmers loved the Falcon for its high ground clearance over the Holden and before that the Vangaurd with their cross members acting as Dozer blades in paddock work. I started with a company in 1983 that specialised in the restoration of historic racing cars from sedans to open wheelers after a few years I went out on my own doing similar but not the same work and here I am , its 2022 and Im still at it .As you say there is a bit of lee-way as far as placement goes in some instances.Good luck with it. How did the factory get the big block in,did it have a different fire wall pressing ? John Keane .Aus.

  9. I'm just curious. Has anyone verified that it is, in fact, a 427?? Every 427 I've ever seen turned out to be a 428 or 390. They really are quite rare.

  10. After watching the b.s. from the previous "builders – if you can even call them that" it didn't surprise me to see you rip that tacked on engine mount by hand lol.

  11. Oh how we complicate our lives when adding all these aftermarket major components, each on it’s own might fit, leaving the sketchy engineering out of it for the moment, but when you start adding multiples, the complications go exponential. Modification has always been the essence of rodding, but historically, it’s what ever the owner was capable of doing himself, rather than the owner drawing up a wish list and dropping the car off at the local shop.

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