Birdman Detached Tire & Great Driving Displayed

In this video we have the season one no prep king champion Birdman. Birdman entered the big tire class at the virginia no prep event. Birdman drives a big single turbo camaro that has struggled last season. But, this does not stop the birdman from trying this year to win another championship. Birdman has the ability to win another one but had to face off against a turbo corvette driven by super dave. Super Dave raced last season under the detroit banner and had some sucess with his ls based corvette. During the run birdman’s camaro lost the tire within the wheel well and sent birdman on a ride to the wall. Birdman being the good driver that he is controlled the car to a complete stop with little to no fuzz. Birdman saves the car for another day but what a ride he took mid track. Check out the dramatic events unfold in the video and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. Where's the great driving? Once that suspension broke he was just along for the ride. That car went where it wanted to go. It had nothing to do with driving skills.

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