Billy Vs Beater Bomb Grudge Race GONE WRONG, CRASHED My Nova


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  1. Billy handled that SO WELL! A true STAR in the drag racing world! I am SO impressed!!! Would love just to shake his hand!

  2. put that baby on a frame machine and you will see how bad the frame is swayed if its swayed at all you might get lucky. it might just have bent some arms

  3. Damn dude, that's crazy! I know some builders are putting weight in the side vs on the outside of the counterweight. Now I have seen exactly why they recommend it in Engine Builder.

  4. Was the Mallory installed horizonal in the crank? That's the way it's supposed to be which keeps the centrifugal forces from slinging it out. I've heard of people sticking in the counterweight vertical to the crank centerline and then welding it in, but I would never trust that especially over 7,000 rpm. Glad you're ok. I would carefully measure the wheelbase to make sure the front clip didn't get shoved back…that was quite the lick.

  5. That's messed up, the run around. I just got my 460 from the shop and they needed to cut from the crank not add. That bites, sorry this happened like it did, I hope we all learn from this, I know I did, and all go's well in the end. Joey, omg. Thank God he broke the beers, I think that would have been really bad if you both were in it. That's racing, and one one can pull your number. God's speed, good luck, see you guys in the future..

  6. Was that malory put in the side of the counterweight? Thats how i've seen it before but I don't see how that could sling out unless it was straight in from the side.

  7. Was that heavy metal cut into the end of the counter balance and welded? Viper cranks had this issue. Gotta cross drill so they cannot come out. Winberg cranks are the way to go.

  8. That block needs a Steve Morris rotating assembly. I realize he's not cheap, but the level of knowledge he has on big block boosted applications is unrivaled.

  9. Go ahead and put a diaper and belly pan on that car if you don’t have one, may not stop a piece of mallory but it will contain more oil than an open hole. Nothing is bullet proof with engines that go through this kind of abuse, best to have more protection than you need.

  10. As a racer who has torn up a few cars, you are always your own worst critic. You'll be back better than ever and having a great family behind you is what it's all about. Beater Bomb is a stand up guy also it seems. You find that lots in the racing world. I've had some of my toughest competitors help me when I needed it and I've returned the favor. It really is one big family though at times we don't get along. But when the chips are down, people show their true colors, good or bad. But mostly good in the racing world.

  11. I’m glad your alright…It could been worse the left lane had trouble if he went down the track with you ???! Could been worse you can fix that nova God was with you….

  12. Only saving grace it's just steel there's no fire nobody's hurt, you can over come this and the nova 2.0 will be bigger better quicker you'll be a better driver after this

  13. So very sorry to see that crash and what happened to the engine blew my mind, as well as the fact they lied about it! Thank God you're okay though and BB never left the line. SRC family is amazing!

  14. I think the engine builder should fix it the way you want not the way they wanted should be 100 percent honest with you guys 100% fix it the way you want it and refund the money they built it for fix it on there dime to make it right they know it needs oil restricters but main thing Billy you are ok thank God for watching over you and beater bomb

  15. I have noticed one big thing. Dad, you did not hold and pray at the back end like I normally see you do. I love you all and happy to see bo one hurt and car is salvageable too

  16. He needs to chill out. Couple of fenders and a bumper. Beats the hell out of trash in the whole car. For as bad as it went it couldn't have gone any better.

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