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  1. All went down hill once "CHASE IS A RACE" entered the field. It lost the old timers, the hard core, True track fans & drivers……Thats when it all fell apart.

  2. This is all to build up interest in the show. People are doing what they want, and Pilgrim is gonna try to film all race types if possible to make their $$$

  3. atleast chief showed up to a 'street' cash days Derek was there where was any of the other guys 8 or 80 in the street chief atleast came …. that's how chief got 'street outlaws' started on the streets no camera crew etc he showed hes more street than the others I mean for the show purpose you'd think atleast one of the others would show up

  4. I think the TV show is their cash grab, like Shawn said on his post he may or may not ever win again but he is getting paid.. It was in the comment section.. They will do whatever production tells them too for the $, can't really blame them..

  5. I’m loving all the small tire cars that can actually drive to the spot and then drive home without a trailer and still making thousand horsepower or so

  6. chief and Derek from 405 bain from Texas where is any others from 405 or Texas ? murder nova ryan martin chuck murrillo birdman where are they? cash days used to be big deal in streets. the other guys from Detroit I didn include cause that's a long drive and gas alone is over 1k for them to come

  7. Hey sim I don't mean anything disrespectful but have you thought about getting a place or making a set for your content instead of same place in your bedroom for years…look alot more professional

  8. Sim ABCXYZ – Derek Travis doesn't have the car to hang with the high level guys that are in 405, NOLA group etc…

  9. So glad Chucky won probably on a soft tune as well.
    I think because Cheif is not racing the fastest guys anymore he won't be able to win if they show up, Chucky gapped his ass.
    I actually like the tv show stuff better with the drama than the YT stuff for entertainment & you get to watch the fastest cars out there race on the tv show.
    The fast guys like Chucky probably don't show up for the YT stuff because they are too busy with the tv show stuff & there's not enough in it for their time.

  10. Watch limpys podcast from a few days ago. Cali Nate was on talking about JJs race. Pretty sure he said chase is a race is gone. I could be miss remembering but i think thats what Nate said

  11. They can make more money on social media than the TV show and the have all the control they want and aren't told how the race will go down also they can pick whatever road they want to ,to race on. There are a lot of rules and things they have to stick by or let's just say do as told bull crap and that takes the fun out of it. I miss how they all were in the beginning so now with things changing up and changing up fast things will get better and there will be a lot more youtube channels to watch I can't wait.

  12. If they end up making season 3 Americas list, with flashlight start. While also getting rid of chase is a race, that would be really F'd up if the same rule, they wouldnt change when Chief mentioned it, an ultimately lost Chief on the show for. Then just switch up 1 year later. That would piss me off, if I was Chief!!! I hate the rule personally, this past season wasnt about whos fastest, its just who can out cheat who basically! Fan's want to see heads up races. An actually get to see who's faster. Hopefully Chief will be back on the 405 show @ somepoint in the near future.

  13. Chief is a natural pioneer, he has been on the front side of street racing trends sense the forum days LONG before the cameras showed up, so the smart money follows the smart people,

    Chase is the race was horrible , if they do not go back to flashlight start , the show will fail and I think they know it .

  14. Maybe the racers that pull out from the big tire cash race is because Chief was racing ? You woulda though with names like Chucky , Bain , Chief Racers want to race them to show that they own the street race !!. I wonder how regular 405 racers feel with street outlaws 405 . It would be hard for someone to put a 405 sticker and people look at you like you’re not the real 405. What’s your thoughts Sim ? (I know it’s just a zip code , but it became more than that once it was aired on tv )

  15. Boosted GT can't do the race because it'll interfere with no prep Kings they overlap there's more than just one filming crew bro

  16. I think Boosted GT maybe could not race due to his day job. Maybe his job told him he can't be gone that long of time.
    Derrick left street outlaws because he didn't have the money to fix his car. Plus I think he had some marriage problems at the time too.

    Far as others leaving or not showing up, many reasons. Some still have "regular" jobs, so getting time off may be a problem. Getting parts, cost of traveling right now. The issues of being away from home. Just the time and cost of racing compared to other life stuff going on.

  17. Cause pilgrim are a bunch of Sharks..they are ruinng the show….they have taken the soul out of the whole show ….so i definitly not watching anymore…..only few years left……and i think 405. May be on fastest in america cause they in vegas to racing…only makez sence…..but pilgrim sucks only makez sense they have made all the fake drama like between reaper and chief……bunch of maxe up pot sturring. Crap……watch. Chiefs last patreon live …makes lot of sence

  18. Show sucks anymore abunch of cinderella racers on a 100000 doller budget…..bunch of sellouts…..if all of 405 would have stood up to pilgrim but no bunch of sellouts…..i hope it falls on its face ……real streets are souch better

  19. NPK costs so much to travel & compete at the top, unless you have a large income coming in ya’ll see more drivers leave & go back to the streets. I think that’s why the new 405 show & Endgame is small tyre as the show is losing touch with reality for most small garage racers who work their backsides off just to race maybe Friday or Saturday night if lucky. They don’t have $100,000 to buy a new motor, they can barely pay $1,000 if they’re lucky.

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