Big Chief’s First Race Since Quitting Street Outlaws – Street Race Talk Episode 332

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  1. Chase is a race needs to go,JJ show needs chase is a race with out it Memphis can't win ,AMERICA'S LIST this year I find myself fast forwarding most of the show

  2. Why isn’t anyone talking about how strong Bobby Ducote has been this year. The guy gets such a bad rap and treated like he’s not good enough to be there. He’s always the guy tagging along with Kye and Lizzy. I’m personally happy to see him doing well!

  3. Big Chief is a Narcissistic loser. Lost his Wife. Lost his kids. Lost his best friend. Lost his race crew. Lost his TV shows. Loser all around…

  4. the thing bothering me the most about this season of Americas List aside from Chief being gone is Chuck and his inability to keep his hands off people. He wont stop touching people. Hes constantly hugging and grabbing on Lizzy, and Dave mainly. So strange. I feel like he thinks hes a big star now or has to be a big star w Chief being gone.

  5. If you want to go to the street outlaws No Prep Kings in Bowling Green Ky on June 10th-12th I have an extra ticket for both days and a hotel room if you want to go?!? Just let me know buddy!

  6. WAR IN THE WOODS will be absolutely packed. Its gonna be just nuts with Chief there. Not to mention,….the fact nobody gonna have a rig nasty enough to deal with him unless he cant get down that surface. It is a sketchy stretch of track. Seen alot cars get wadded up at that joint. No room for error. Should be interesting.

  7. JJ likes chase is the race when it benefits MSO but when it's not then he accuses Lutz of flagging the races to screw MSO

  8. I am excited for this new era of Chief! Jackie and him are killin it, I’m excited for them hitting 300k subs, I hope they hit a milli by end of year with all the car content to come! You’re the man SIM!

  9. It's interesting watching Lutz (on Clay Millicans channel) talking about the 405 show going small tyre and going all over the country to race people who aren't on the other shows. That's what a lot of fans have asked for but a certain other driver said it was Chief blocking that from happening. Not a clue who is right or who is wrong but it's intriguing how it's all panning out now.

  10. SIM, this newest show sucks lol. I watch the 3 hours on DVR in 20 to 30 minutes to see the races. Which aren't the best either

    Go Johnny Quik 😏🤌

    Bring back the Big Chief


    Joe65Skylark ✌️

  11. Fella, they all have gone through npk now & have got to know each other better so less grief. Chase is a race is for hustlers & not true racers. Chief left because of this because he listened to the fans. Pilgrim likes the agro, it sells so wanted to keep it.

  12. I was at ETown when he showed up to help out the JEGS team with their promod car. I just assumed he was learning the setup with the car. That being said, this was the summer nationals at ETown. This used to be one of the biggest stops on the tour. He was the absolute star of the day there. It bordered on annoying how they forced him on everyone but he kept drawing the crowd so it made sense…. also… chase is a race is garbage. In any race event everyone leaves at a designated time. I hate the chase, it's cheap and trash

  13. Not a fan of the "chase is a race" concept. I understand why they feel they need to include it in America's List. Still…hate it. As old ex-racer, if I jumped I LOST! IMHO it takes the skills of the engine/car builder/driver out of the equation. I prefer to see horsepower vs. horsepower not who's the best guesser on the light.

  14. Reality is that some people crave drama and act like superman when others watch ‘like on street outlaws’. Wish I were closer because I would love to interact with the rest of the 405 guys. Real street guys with track cars, but still street mentality! If I start a podcast or discussion would you watch?

  15. Not only that it's because they know they cannot callout the guy that just beat you. Like if ur # 10 and I'm # 11 and beat you you cannot call me out
    So they know who they gotta callout and that makes for no drama. But I think next week there's gonna be some drama by wat I seen on the previews. And Shawn being race master but doesn't wanna flag the starts. To me you wanna be race master you should do the starts. But he just wants the lime light and be "The Man" and chase is a race sucks and most people I've talked to says chase is a race sucks. Like the nitro cars are all doing shitty including Kye. Yea Bobby beat Ryan but of course he jumped and Ryan was catching him but his drive shaft blew and parts went all over, even through the roof. And lastly I think Pilgram told them to make the show more friendly looking because really wen have you seen one team loses and they're all hugging and not just the guy that just beat him but his hugging the guy he just lost tons crew. To me it's so obvious it's sickening all the hugging and kissing. It's a TV show and scripted by Pilgram Common guys it's so obvious it's pathetic. Wen have they EVER been that lovey dovey with eachother. The USED to hate eachother….jmo and it's just to obvious!!!

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