Beer Money Turbo Mustang!!

In this video we have the turbo mustang known as Beer Money. The driver is Lyle Barnett who has an amazing story from racing to winning. The car was orginially a drag wars car which was a contest to build a car for under ten thousand dollars. The car was a low cost build that boomed big results at the drag strip. Beer money has been on a roll winning track prep events to no prep events. Beer money is on a winning streak as he mentioned in an interview. Two out of three times the beer money turbo mustang has reached the finals and won. It is an amazing accomplishment as beer money has won more times reaching the finals at no prep kings than he has lost. At the end of his event winning runs beer money addresses the crowd and does a beer salute as a celebration. Check out the awesome turbo mustang in the video and for more no prep action we cover follow out social medias at:


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  1. Some the top people in small tire drag racing working on that vehicle. It’s nice to have those kind of minds come together and watch the results.

  2. BEER MONEY FTW!!!! What a Driver, Bada$$ car, Absolutely Killin it As Always!! 🤘🙌🏁💯🏆🤘🙌🙏
    And Congratulations on the New Baby Brother!! All Love from My Race Fam 2 Your's 🤘💯

  3. That’s what happens when you slap a 1 of a kind gangster LS in a 2500lb car and have the best of the best working on the car

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