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  1. that steering correction and getting back into the throttle was a mistake, he should have just let out and coasted to race another day. it wasnt until he got back on the throttle that it got really out of shape

  2. Here is what I have gathered over the past few weeks or months you have idiot viewers putting more pressure on you guys to finishing building these badass rides. I'm just here to say screw these idiots they have no clue of what it takes to building a sub second 8th mile race car on a track and be successful to finishing a pass! However happy you're brother Matt is okay.

  3. Sammy from tkm severs his car in half at around 100mph hops right out no injury matt hits wall twice at 50 to maybe 70 mph with side impact gets knocked out n smacks head on cage. U can never know what to expect in a drag racing wreck man. You never know. God bless y'all prayers for matt. Hope everyone gets better guys love yall

  4. πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸ‘†πŸ½πŸ‘†πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½ I'm So So happy to hear that Matt is going to be Well Soo sorry about the Bad Apple but as Long as Matt Can Recover I'm Happy. Thank you Lord Get Well Soon my Dear Brother πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ»πŸ»πŸ»

  5. Oh Shit!!! Something told me the way the Bad Apple bounced back across the track, that Matt took a HARD hit!!! I pray that he’s okay! And that he recovers quickly!!!

  6. Love how he never mentioned the full throttle jab that sent him into the wall, never get back into the throttle when you’re that sideways.

  7. Huge thanks for making this a step by step demo on what can be made better. Its hard to find that info after an actual wreck! Glad driver us doing well!!

  8. I have always wondered what turnaround time is for this kind of scenario. Bad apple rebuild series would be great…

  9. I think that thing had rear end issues and that's the reason it moved center so much. Watch the video, as soon as he comes off the button the driver side rear turns in, driving the car right. The front of the left rear tire turns in. If it did that explains everything. I know u just aligned the car but not with 1200hp pushing and pulling on it. The last pass before this it went right almost putting you in the wall. Idk just a thought.

  10. Safety is the most important thing because if you do it long enough it's not a question if you're going to wreck but, when.

  11. Young people have no idea what pain is! Everyone thinks there indestructible, until something stupid happens! Other than Death, There's nothing worse than being in pain for the rest of your life! There's a lot of people trying to do this stuff that really shouldn't be![I do not mean Matt or John!] No one ever thinks of the consequences! They never think, who's going to take care of their wife, family, themselves? Where is money to live going to come from in a self-inflicted accident? Most people trying to do this shit don't even have health insurance, never mind a supplemental insurance that saves your ass if you can no longer work! If you need a life flight, it normally costs double the regular persons salary for the whole year! But everyone thinks there such a badass driver, that it will never happen to them! It happens even to the best drivers, that have 10s of years & thousands of passes! The risks of accidents goes up exponentially, when your in a hurry trying to make something work! This really should not have happened! If Matt did what he normally would do for a updated car/combo, he would have just tried to get it off the line, then to 60ft, then to the 330 & on! Does it take a shitload of time, yes it does & it sucks! Once you see & hear a side impact racing accident! Or you approach a wrecked car & find you best friend/wife/husband, unresponsive it will change you & the way you think forever! You will see why most pro drivers have a Race Tech seat! Along with the newest best safety equipment! If you cannot afford things I listed here, You should seriously think of why your doing it? The Moron at the beginning, proves my point! You have a chute, & somehow made your car semiquick, But you don't know how to pack it? [REALLY?] Just because you saw it on TV or You Tube, doesn't mean you should be doing it! I know I sound like a old man, but I learned things mostly the hard way, one saying I will never forget from a WW2 veteran, was. JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN, DOESNT MEAN YOU SHOULD! Sorry for the book John, But I hate to see people get hurt! Praying Matt only got banged up!

  12. Have seen this type of incident often. When I respond to them I ask to see the helmet, if there is damage such as in Matt's case I inform the paramedics and a whole different style of treatment is given. Cars break, they are built that way, if they weren't then it would be the driver that breaks.

  13. All those dumb bars around the driver did the damage to the driver. A proper head restraint seat would have done a far better job. And be 60-80 lbs lighter as well!! The helmet proves that.
    Thank Ford for making a decent car!!
    But safety,, the fuel tank in the FRONT of the car. Methanol is a good deal safer but you cannot see the fire. Fuel tanks should be in the back of the car, not being a bumper support!!

    I am a road race and dirt oval competitor and I see these iron junkies with bars everywhere. Most are totally unesecary,,just add shit loads of weight. More mass you have to control

  14. That bracket his helmet hit is a very scary situation my father almost died and passenger got paralyzed from the sternum down from having a speaker mounted inside the cage of a maverick x3 what i learned from it was keeping everything mounted out side of the cage in every situation just crazy that the smallest bracket found his helmet and went threw it. Hope matt is recovering well and can get back to building and racing cars again soon!! You guys are great people and im glad you guys are all okay!!! Bad apple 2.0 letsss goooo!

  15. Just something to think about when I had my wreck I had my fire safety system hooked up very similar to you and when I crashed I ruptured the bottle in the front of the car you may want to move that because if ever getting a wreck there's a good chance that's going to hit before anything

  16. Yeah that's a tough gig fellas, take a deep breath and be patient before the next step. Oh, and everything that is damaged chuck in the bin then it becomes a memory to fade, every "souvenir " you keep is a reminder and will continue to grate you.

  17. Full containment seat with all the bars from the hoop around the drivers head….never understood why they don't use them more

  18. JJ The Boss would have that car back on the track in a few days .
    If that car is the bad apple 🍎
    It hate to see the good apple 🍎 lol lol

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