Ax Man vs Kallee Mills + Kayla Morton!!

In this video we have a couple of fast girls in the no prep game today which are Kallee Mills and Kayla Morton. Both girls have always been fast but this year both girls are making more races and winning more in the process. First up is Kalya Morton in her prochargered mustang. Kayla Morton has won several no prep events in her career so she is no stranger to winning. But, standing in her way is several other racers trying to race their way in the big tire show. Kayla did well in palm beach, florida as she did an upset win against Robin Roberts who races a blue firebird that got in Kayla’s line. We also included Kallee Mills who races a turbo camaro and was flexing on all the boys in florida. Check out these no prep girls do their thing and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. David Gates seems lucky to be given such a competitive car to use in AfterShock. (especially after he was behind the wheel when Shocker was totalled at America's List).

  2. Kayla Morton's car looks really good this year! She deserves it too, she's put a lot of work into that car, I met her a few years ago in Baxter TN with Boosted GT, and Dominator, they were all really good people, but Kayla is Cool as Hell!!

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