Are Spoilers Ruining Street Outlaws?

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  1. Your right….The show is to long. Its not a NASCAR Race for crying out loud. Its street racing let get to the line, and hit the light….no reason to drag 10-15 races into 3 hours for crying out loud !!!!

  2. Really Americas list and NPK are the only street outlaw shows worth watching anymore, the 405 show has been nothing but how to get chief to number 1 every season since he stopped being just race master, JJ'S show is all about the hussle, NPK was the natural progression for all those guys as most street guys are on small tire anyway so it only makes sense for the big tire guys to do NPK as the guys u see on the show are among the last remaining big tire guys out there as most the real street racers are on small tire

  3. Chief got out just before it turned to crap cancelled my discovery plus and just watch on you tube and save so much time they are making it into the kardashians it’s bad

  4. SRC has taken over small
    tires time has come won’t be long street outlaws will be geared toward the streets and most likely ruin that too haha

  5. Actually quite the opposite on spoilers … If your not going to show the races live, god bless the spoilers. Example, seeing Ryan Martin doing major repairs to Fireball and not seeing the end of that event is so dumb for the ratings. I for one can hardly wait to see Ryan address the repairs on his Grey Car, If you wait until Npk airs everyone will have seen and heard of how rapidly it wa or is back on track.

  6. Spoilers !!! If we knew all what happened during those nights we would all know what precious told big chief and his chick !!!!! Your own mouth will spoil your bread and butter there Sim… I watch u tube stuff but my cousin doesn’t and he’s glued to discovery on mondays .. if this show dies you are helping lode the weapon ..

  7. No it's more playing around, than anything. Sean is always on the side jiggling and laughing. He's not even a decent rase master. Or should I say not a race master. JJ always trying to make like he's in charge. It's like no one is even trying. It's about the glitter and money. Not about the sport. The show is weak. I rather watch. The dirty south. At less they try to go fast. Street Outlaws has lost there punch.

  8. Everything has to progress, and if production doesn't make changes it would really get stale… still a good way to spend a Monday night. I would really like to know what happened to After Hours show???, that was pretty entertaining. I'm thinking the End Game build show could breathe some new life into the franchise… more like their social media channels.

  9. I wait for the shows to air. The racers that YouTube are fairly careful to not reveal to much. I ignore spoilers because it would ruin it for me. Im able to enjoy every episode. 👍

    Most of us cant get enough. Are we really complaining the show is too long?

    I like the amount of racing they have been getting done each episode. Guys with good cars are able to move through the list faster and the guys who dont have it together end up right where they belong.

  10. Chase is a race, is my biggest issue. JJ an his crew make me sick with that garbage. They love using it, an talking how they chop they whole head off.Then when Memphis gets beat by their own dumb ass rule, JJ says "they knew they had to jump cause they couldn't out run us. If you cant win races without cheating, or making B.S. rules. Then take your car home, an race somebody on your level. Real fans want to see the fastest street racers, actually see who the fastest is.

  11. shows on for three hours but two hours of it is commercials. you want to make a good show make a double elimination you lose twice you're out cuz I'm tired of watching the same people race over and over again. And then the last episode I watch X-Men moves up six spots and jjdaboss only Falls two spots and he don't even have a car to race

  12. Quit watching after the second episode……'s like they're all just hanging around playing their little games and making smartass comments because they have to to get their check from Discovery… can't buy new huge ass haulers, toters, and motorcoaches every year by "street racing"… Remember how they all had open trailers when it started, LOL…

  13. My opinion is they're all walking egg shells trying to be overly nice and overly complimentary to everyone because of what happened with Chief. No one wants to be seen as a bad guy. To have good, compelling TV, you need a bad guy. Just ask Vince Mcmahon, he'll tell you lol

  14. Each episode is way too long. Tired of watching back markers racing too. Once you are mathematically eliminated from finishing first, you should be eliminated from the show. There are only 5 cars that could win, who care about the rest.

  15. It was great the first couple seasons, they let professional red Camaros in that ruins it, maybe they need different classes so the guy on a budget has a chance. Or make martin sit for 2 lights at start line.

  16. It's funny how they made Cheif the race master in all the other show's, then when Cheif gets taken off the show, supposedly Shawn is the new race master, Lutz is the starter most of the time. And if something comes up they all make the decision, Cheif never had that luxury.
    And now everyone is buddy, buddy to each other.
    And that's why it's funny Pilgrim/Discovery are trying lay out the ratings going south on Cheif. When in reality, they make the rules and Cheif was their scape goat.
    I remember Cheif, in one show making a call against the 405 and they all got pissed at Cheif.
    Cheif was their go to person for year's, which put him on the spot.
    Making the decision's, right or wrong.
    Im not this Big Cheif super fan either, but call a spade a spade when you see it.
    It's like WWE, use one guy and make him the star, the babyface, then turn him into the heel, then the new babyface comes along, get rid of the old face.
    MSO, JJ is about money, money first then family, friends just using them till a new friend comes around, to make you more money.

  17. haven't wa'ched a single episode of season two I'm done with the whole debacle, after all the recent shit im afraid it's left a bitter taste in my mouth what with discoveries dictator attitude

  18. Yep. Quit watching awhile ago. Really don’t have time to sit there and watch all the bullcrap talking leading up to a race. Just show the race! And another thing. Chase is a race needs to go. Absolutely cannot stand it. Memphis couldn’t win one race if it wasn’t for that crap. Run heads up or don’t run at all. I know how to find any info I want to know. There’s always someone going to post something to try to make money off of all the shows info they can.

  19. AL2 is not as good because people have tuned out for various reasons. I haven't watched a single reason due to Chief leaving and too much of JJ and his crew. The editi g hasn't been as good and there is too much garbage that Pilgrim wants in the show. That's what happens when non-racers are creating a show about racing.

  20. OG street outlaws
    NPK and
    Street outlaws Memphis are the only 3 shows that belong on tv not discovery + or anything else between discovery+ and spoilers have both ruined good TV i enjoy waiting for new seasons to air

  21. It is better this season, but i follow the YouTube channels so i feel the posting of the shows is to slow! Man they need to get tue episodes out there faster.🤓 So we can see YouTube channels with behind the scenes and also not Knowing who won.

  22. That's funny, I prefer this season of America's List. The majority of the drivers are more chill, more relaxed even though they're still competitive. And the fact that there are less dramas (till now) is really appreciable. But yes, I agree with you, without any spoilers it would have been better !

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