Andrew's Road King

Andrew goes into the details on his 2017 Harley-Davidson Road King that he just finished customizing. Inspired from a life-time in the motorcycle world, Andrew built his bike to be very performance-driven with a style influenced by the west coast Harley scene. He takes it for a rip up Azusa Canyon and describes what drove his parts and customization decision making.

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Rear Shocks:

Front Fork Springs:

Risers and Bars:

Handle Bar Bag:

Brake Pedal:

Brake Arm:

Shift Peg:

Shift lever:

Floor Boards:



Fork Tubes:


Fairing Mounting Kit:

FXRT Fairing:


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  1. Awesome Scoot! Along with the S&S 475 sent the manifold to Ward for porting. Anyways I do the same for seating as well. I run the same seat solo and have a Roadsofa for long range two up. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Andrew. That is just pure sickness!!! What a great story and what an amazing job you’ve done. Your dad must be proud! Ride safe!!!

  3. I just finished watching a video by a family that call themselves the Badgers. In the video there was some information that I thought was prudent to all Harley dealerships. Sonnet didn't think that the company would be watching his videos so being a subscriber of your chanel I thought you would be worth contacting.

  4. Hey, everyone do their own thing, but I will never understand why people put fairings on Road Kings. I bought my Road King because I want a comfortable bike without a fairing

  5. Very nice! Have a cammed 11 RK with faring. Ohlins rear, Race Tech spring and valves in front and the bike is fantastic 1 and 2up.

  6. Incredibly cool build, made me look at chrome differently, never was a fan and now I can say I can see myself doing a build with chrome on black in the future.
    Love these videos with Andrew Btw. Excellent.

  7. Bet he wont have to fight harley tooth and nail to get them to honour their warranty on defactive crankshafts. The in crowd love pissing on the normies. Buyers beware. Ask about the crank run out on the m8. Good luck.

  8. That's a nice looking ride. That fairing gives the Road Glide a completely different look. I have the same Hoffman front fender on my SGS they ain't cheap. You keep tricking that bike out with their carbon fiber Matt must be paying you well. But seriously nice ride.

  9. Really nice upgrades and personalization. Blends the best of the new HD looks with some vintage vibe. HD should make it a Road King option.

  10. Very nice. Me? Still chugging along on my now vintage 2002 Road King Classic. Stage I with Hooker slip-ons. Luxury blue over diamond ice paint. (very rare) 80K miles and the bike still looks and runs like new. New Harley's are beautiful but I don't get rid of sh*t that still works for me and besides, the old RKC is still friggin beautiful.

  11. A bike from a company lacking foreward thinking,engines from a time gone bye that can't confirm to emission laws.All these years and they can't produce a water cooled V4?with decent frame?They deserve to fail.

  12. The suspension and upsized wheels, +2 inch forks (and fairing) are everything. I'm guessing this Road King now has way more lean angle than any other stock M8 model.

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