Against All Odds! Tommy DOMINATES at The Rewind!

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  1. Hey Billy! I want to put in an order for a large SRC Gaptized T-SHIRT, but seems to be sold out. Anymore coming in? I want one please sir! Thank Billy, can't wait for the Nova runs!!! ✌😎🎸🎶

  2. So happy for Tommy, he has great instincts, a kind but strong spirit, a great family and it warms my heart to see him grow into the man that he had all the building blocks to become and not waste any of that.

  3. It's really funny I'm OS wrench in the pocket the other night Billy walking around no wrench got that computer though you just punch a button and change it all damn I hope you don't get any grease on that wrench. Finally made it they pay for what you know not what you do

  4. See Billy holding the laptop everywhere he went lol Falcon gappppppped gaptrain That Falcon is something eles.. Get that problem ironed out n that Falcon will be unstoppable!!!!!!! Like the previous comment u guyz are the bbest brother duo takin the mantle from The Bird bros of nola

  5. Looking good. Sucks ya went out first round bill. Glad converter held up for the night. Loved that both of you took your dads advice spraying down tranny. Nice video. Also liked Tommy giving mid race update. Keep it up!

  6. Congratulations on the win two brothers working together is the best you’ll get more done working as a team keep up the great work guys

  7. Wow gr8 content yall amazing watchin the falcon fly lile that!!!! Hell of a drive 2 guns and u all at a team 100% keep doing wat ur doing and if falcon not too hurt u gonna be winning more this season!!!! Billy sux u knocked the wheels of seemed that lane was like that for alot of people…. U will have a good day its there, and MAN ur truck be hauling… GREAT FOOTAGE AND TEAM WORK GUYS KEEP IT UP🤙🤙🤙🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

  8. First of all, CONGRATS TO SRC!!! TOMMY DONE BIG! Best race I've seen on YT in a long time! And just t let you boy's know something , but that look PO'P'S got on his face is one of PRIDE and a feeling in his heart like " YEA, THAT'S PART ME THAT MADE THAT!" and that my friend is PRICELESS ! again , TOMMY DONE BIG , CONGREGATION 'S!

  9. I love watching the SRC team in action! I am saddened that I know longer see the family dynamics from when I started watching several years ago. I truly wish Bill and Billy would get their differences settled. It was painful watching them avoid each other. I would give anything to have 1 more minute with my Dad. Unfortunately I lost him and a big piece of my world as a child. I truly hope they reconcile before it's to late.

  10. I love this channel. But I can't get over the fact you hype a company called stripper glitter when your dad was super judgmental over you having a girl who was one….

    I used to race with my dad and we won a ton of stuff together against people who had been doing it for their whole lives when we were noobs. So the family vibe of your team resonates with me deeply.

    But that just seems hypocritical AF.

  11. Can you give me the link to find that steering wheel Tommie has on the Falcon. I have those same wheels, but can't find the steering wheel.

  12. First time I’ve watched you guys and I gotta say that was pretty badass!
    My first car was a 62 Falcon 170-6cyl with the great 2 speed ford o’Matic @ 16yrs` old back in 1976 😂
    Keep up the great work guys an I’ll keep watchin. 👍

  13. Tommy, you're doing awesome! So glad to see how you and Billy have pulled together to create one heck of a team! You drive the heck outta that car!

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