Abandoned 1965 Ford Falcon Ranchero – Praying for a Drive – Hopeful It Starts and Runs – Revival?

Abandoned 1965 Ford Falcon Ranchero – Praying for a Drive – Hopeful It Starts and Runs – Revival?

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Can we make this old wore out 1965 Ford Ranchero hit the road for the first time in years? Brakes will be necessary. Coolant system to keep it cool. The ole driveshaft must be installed. The whole revstoration crew is going to give this revival a haul mary try. Will it make it to the road? Gotta watch to find out… All these questions answered on this episode of RevStoration.

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  1. Hey Rev great job! Hoping to see her drive but in good time.Take care and hope the old man is ok after his splinter deal😊

  2. Who's on first? That's what you two sound like… I've got some E 70s….
    This is Glenn Campbell using my wife's old phone.

  3. The fuel pump concentric is held by the same bolt that holds the gear, but it’s not just the bolt. There is a pin that goes thru it, the gear and into the cam. My guess would be that pin is broken. Unfortunately that means the chain could have some movement also. You can test that theory by taking off the distributor cap put a wrench on the crank, turn the crank out and back and see if the rotor button moves with crank or is there some “delays” out and back. And you also have a vacuum leak somewhere too. Hope y’all have a blessed day and love the content

  4. The other Ford truck was called O'l Puddin' because of the oil, this one should be called Spicy Ranchero, because it has Bold and Creamy sauce erm oil.

  5. When using an electric fuel pump they work a lot better when they're close to the gas source they push a lot better than they pull.

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