.888 60ft & Blazing 3 sec pass – Procharged Camaro!

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Jason Lee and the rest of the crew were chasing the Radial VS The World record at Lights Out 13 this year and it was a blast to watch unfold! Incredible to see what it takes to get this Procharged Camaro to run 3.40’s in the 1/8 mile and they’ve never even had it on a dyno! Really looking forward to seeing what Jason and crew get done the rest of the season.

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  1. Sudan Salaam Hunter Army Airfield Personal Trainer Savannah Georgia. Requesting up grading 2012 Camaro. We are GIRLS still learning how to detailed and Engine Performance.

  2. It’s sad that the RVW class at the DXP races is dying. The amount it takes to run one of these beasts is a way too much, but Jason Lee is the man that keeps me interested.

  3. Jason Lee has been a front runner in the RVW class for a while now even when Stevie Jackson was racing RVW and the way Jason is doing it is exactly what it takes to be a front runner in any fast class you have a team owner, a car owner, a driver, a crew of mechanics, a crew chief, an engine tuner, and a chassis tuner and each person knows their job and knows what they are supposed to do and when they are supposed to do it just like they do in NHRA Top Fuel, Funny Car's and so on and most of the time the driver or tuner and the crew chief has the final say on the tune and the crew chief is in charge of taking down a bunch of notes to go towards the data in order to come up with a tube for the next round and most of the time the driver has a headset and he is talking to the crew chief the entire time while he is waiting for his turn to go into the water box and the driver is in communication with the crew chief all the way up until he pulls into the beams and if they have an ECU where you can load more than one tune into and all you have to do is push one or two buttons to load another tune in then the crew chief and the driver is watching the car's in front of them go down the track and it looks like the track is going away then they might load a slower tune into the ECU in order just to make a pass down the track and get some data

  4. Forget the .888 60ft
    A car that does 0-60 in 3.40ish seconds is a fun car (in my opinion) so wild this thing hits 200+ in that time. Can't imagine the feeling 🤘🤘

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