Dave Crowhurst was at Bug Jam 35 at Santa Pod Raceway in his Subaru powered VW Beetle, trying out some new clutches, to enable him to handle 750 ft/lbs of torque (1016 NM), before upgrading them to handle the full 900 ft/lbs potential (1220 NM). After several promising runs in the mid 9’s it was finally too much for the rear end, and a stub axle sheared in half, detaching the wheel from the car with the hub and brakes still attached. Luckily it happened on the start line, so not too much damage was done to the car. Always a favourite to watch, and we look forward to filming Dave again soon, once he has it all fixed.

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  1. Really cool to see someone still doing old school beetle chassis but I remember seeing all VW engine and trans cars doing 7 seconds

  2. Pretty mad that a Tesla straight out of the showroom with leather seats and a stereo can knock a clean second off that time now… no wheelie bar etc.. Probably cheaper at this point too. Times are changing.

  3. Wounded but at least it happened there and not half way down the track
    Well saved before the wall 🤙🏽🤙🏽

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