1969 El Camino gets SERIOUS suspension upgrades for "Bitchin Burnouts" and better handling!

One of the biggest complaints anyone who drives old school cars, muscle cars, classic cars, or really just about anything American before the early 2000s is how horribly they handle. Yes many of them are big. Yes many of them are heavy. But that doesn’t mean they have to handle completely like a a land yacht.

In the case of this 1969 El Camino we are making some major improvements to the rear, tightening it up with a complete revamp in the rear allowing it to better plant a tire… or smoke a tire depending on preference. In the front we are keeping the stock stamped steel control arms but replacing bushings, ball joints, knuckles, shocks all to help bring in some more modern suspension geometry. This old Chevy El Camino might be party up front and business in the back but now it’s got the suspension setup to play any day any time in just about any way the owner may want.

These modifications are time intensive for sure and can be a bit on the pricey side but are some of the best things you can do to any classic car to improve ride quality and enjoyment. It doesn’t matter how much power you make if you can’t put it to the pavement, or keep the car on the road going around a corner.

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  1. Just noticed, the 69 elco has vent grill in the hood, never noticed that before. Pretty sure the '69 chevelle didn't.
    Edit: Oh yes, the chevelle did have the grill.
    Looking at that shock, no wonder it had wheel hop.

  2. Funny I came across this video….I'm considering on buying a 68 Camino and doing a complete restoration. Actually thinking of driving a 2000 1/2 ton with the 327 LS under it and calling it good. Currently…it's just a shell………..Enjoyed this video very much.

    BTW: What did this upgrade cost? Also… giving thought about about air bags for the rear as an alternative. Any thoughts? Thanks

  3. Oh that is going to be a world of difference in handling! Customer should definitely enjoy that Elco a LOT more now!
    Rich, my hands hurt from watching ya this round bud. I think this one wanted its pound of flesh from ya! It's gone from haunted to car nivorous! 🥸

  4. I'm really glad I found Lucore via The Hoskinson family!
    Rich, I felt that left hand hit hahaha
    3 weeks ago, I went back to being a mechanic professionally for the first time since 1999
    (early 70s born, grew up around cars, turned my first wrench at 14 in 1986 till 1995 when the family business sold and continued to at dealerships 4 more years, when I decided to change paths)
    Much respect from Iowa!

  5. Some ideas for T-shirts to help raise funds for projects " Lucore Automotive ", " Stupid Gravity ", " Lucore Shop Ghost or Lucore Ghost Mechanic " " Lucore Boomer (Tech) Garage " or any others the fans or yourselves can come up with 😌

  6. You know you might have been able to use that ball joint compressor to put that rear end bushing in with instead of hitting your hand with the hammer. Wink…….

  7. Love the videos guys. They need to get you some big lights for under the car on the lift. Better for you to see and us. Keep up the amazing work how to.

  8. Hint for control arm bushings if you know ahead of time you are doing them and have the parts on hand throw them in the freezer overnight before you put them in pull them out just before you pop them in. The cold shrinks them just a little and makes them going in easier

  9. I feel your pain. 94 s10 SS all urethane bushings front to rear Still trying to get suspension settled in. No taller ball joints yet. Just a cammed 364 ls between the fenders.

  10. It's a Chevy . What do you expect. Lol Nah just joking. Been subscribed for a bit now. You, the ol Man and Billy and Tommy. Don't give up Hoss. Your getting there. Put a Coyote in and you'll be fine. Lol

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