1968 Camaro RS with Detroit Speed Electronic Hideaway Headlights has a "Lazy Eye" Get the lube!

We completely totally and unashamedly LOVE this 1968 Chevy Camaro, it is about as perfect as you could make a classic car. The paint is stunning, the interior is awesome, under the hood is the venerable small block Chevy, and with some hideaway headlights capping off the front… that’s just about as classic Muscle Car as you can get.

We recently had the car in for a little bit of work, upgrading power steering and a few other small items, big chief on that list was a Detroit Speed Electronic Hideaway RS Headlight conversion which takes the control away from a vacuum and to electric motors. For anyone who’s had one of these cars in the past they know the vacuum operated hideaway headlight setup is less than ideal in the best of circumstance, pair that with an engine that doesn’t make much vacuum and you’re going to quickly get frustrated. Unfortunately after the upgrade when the customer took it home to show his wife… one of the doors got stuck and refused to open OR close. So she’s dropped back by for a looksie.

Fortunately for us this was a pretty simple service issue and we could get the customer quickly back behind the wheel of this stunning 1st Gen Camaro. Spring time is FINALLY here in Central Ohio and toy car season is arriving! The classic cars and muscle cars are coming out of storage and wanting a little bit of attention so they can be enjoyed the next few months… we are very VERY excited to share a few of them with you all!

Huge thanks as always to all our subscribers, followers, fans, and customers who have made our business successful and gotten our channel to where it is today. Special thanks to the SRC / Street Racing Channel / SRC Garage / Old Man’s Garage / Junkyard Digs folks for showing such amazing support for us over the past several months. Without all of you we wouldn’t be anywhere near where we are today. We hope you enjoy this one!


  1. This thing is EASILY one of the most beautiful 1st Gen Camaros we've ever had the pleasure of working on, you can quickly see we are pretty dang smitten with it. If we can just exorcise a bit of a Demon from these Hideaway headlights!

  2. Nice work Rich.. My cousin had a 68.. What yr did they come out with the 302? Thx for bringing us along.. take care my friend..

  3. Lucore,your 1 of thousands of garages on the down low.Along comes SRC and Bill needs content lol,stump the chump and dammit when a auto breaks it comes to you.Great family.

  4. Year, color and most the options I want … that's literally my dream car!🤤
    Owner keeps it in real good shape by the look of it, not sure I have seen a cleaner console in a 68 ever.
    Just tell me they drive it regularly and it's not just a show car? 🥺

  5. Such a beautiful car back in the 70s I was taught to lube all hinges when servicing a vehicle but now a day I guess they don't believe in lubeing any hinges I end up doing it when I get it home. I have to agree with you about not changing a thing on that camaro other than idling it up. You all have a awesome day and as always be safe 👍

  6. Growing up I had a friend that had a 68 rs/ss, badass car. It's a blown outlaw car now.. He said the rs/ss was only one with vacuum hideaways on it.

  7. Really like the way you explain what you have to do before starting work! It really helps us low tech guy's watching you work on these beautiful cars.

  8. Such a beautiful car.Never again will cars be like that again, hence,why it's so important not to crush old cars at all,period.Seen Mark Worman and crew fix absolutely demolished totally totalled cars,so,Americans, stop crushing older cars

  9. I had a 84 Z28, obviously it was the same style as Kenny's car. Mine was dull red on the bottom kind of like a faded red, and it went up about halfway on the door and then got into a darker purple and it was metal flake paint with clear coat it was a nice car anyway I'd like to see the lower half of Kenny Powers Camaro that light blue and fade into a darker blue on top oh, I really like it I think that would be cool with light gray metallic on the bottom and it would fade into charcoal gray and then fade into total black, I like those paint jobs, imagine light green Fading Into dark forest green on top I don't know I like all that stuff

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