1967 Pontiac GTO won't stop! Also, won't go! Step 1, fix the brakes!

If you’ve been paying attention to our channel in the last few months you’ll recognize this as the 1967 Pontiac GTO we hauled back from Long Island New York with Kerry a few months back. Since you last saw it on our channel we’ve been hard pressed to find time to get it in the shop, but it’s finally time to get these brakes fixed so the car can actually roll and maybe even be driven!

This IS a true Pontiac GTO unfortunately it’s also a mostly stock car as well which means 4 wheel drum brakes. After sitting under a car cover, under a tree, in the shade for a decade or so it’s now suffering from a few understandable issues first of which is the brakes are basically completely locked up. So, time to do a drum brake brake job!

Oh yeah, and while we’re in there there’s a small issue of some rusted and/or broken brake lines that might need fixed. No big deal right? We’ll just get her whipped out in a hurry! …. uh huh. Well, welcome back to Kerry’s GTO project which you can also see on Mechanical Advantage Garage!


  1. Use to have a brgs. packer that sat on the top of a 5 gallon pail of grease. Just pump the handle one time and you could see all the old grease come out. It worked nice!

  2. For all that trouble you should have converted to power front discs. Easy peasy. At least it's re-freshed and driveable with the drums. I've got a 67 that I converted from drum, well worth the slight extra expense !!!

  3. Kerry has got a full scale project in this GTO, it's time in the moss did it no favors. BUT… that just means he can get tons of content out of it! (trying for the silver lining here man)

  4. Those were the days when auto design was art , not computer designed clones . My buddy bought a new GTO with a Hurst 3 speed on the floor in 1964 or five , i think , and he overnight became the coolest kid in school . what a beast that car was . he let me drive it once and it scared the sht out of me . πŸ˜‚

  5. The pattern of that belted tire looked like a couple of old BF Goodrich Belted TA's I have.
    I think they are 245 60 14's in my case.
    I thought they were from the 1980s. but I guess they did sell them in the late 70's, too.
    Mine still hold air, despite sidewall cracks.
    Belted tires seem to hold air longer than radial times by a factor of 10.

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