1300HP GT500 Street Racing! (Stick Shift vs DCT | 911 Turbo S & McLaren 720S)

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  1. The VMP blower doesn’t work well for more than 1000whp. I ran it maxed out it made 1144whp – built 5.8L, cammed, ported heads, ported lower. The heat soak was so bad. Whipple 3.8L made 1352whp at 30 psi and ran way cooler than the VMP setup. The 2.65 is just too small and inefficient to run above 1000whp.

  2. First of all you short shifting second your shifting sucks and last with fully respect with your modification at 26-27psi there is no way your gt500 puts down 1300hp that’s very high estimates .. your gt500 will be somewhere between 1k to 1100hp max .. sick car though with bad driver

  3. Shelby owner should’ve iced it down, and he was starting in way too high of a gear and shortshifting on top of that. He should stick to the mile

  4. Meh maybe it made 1300hp on spray but otherwise he is lying. Even with the weight difference, that thing should have been walking away from them. 720s and turbo s were both dope runs

  5. Everyone is doubting the potential of the mustang lol my guess is it simply needs a little more aggressive rear gear but the biggest problem is a driver lacking both confidence and experience in racing on the street.

  6. He's not making over 1000hp. First off stock blower won't make that. The 2.65 won't do that very easy on that displacement. And if it made 1000 hp it would pull on that Porsche and mclaren harder while in gear. His shifts were still shit but while in gear he should pull harder.

  7. NAHH, look at the first race between the GT500/720s…the GT was pulling him good but they had to let off, after that his car wasn't the same each run.

    Pay attention to the 720s vs 911 turbo race, the 720 didnt pull him nowhere near as much as the GT500 did.

    Cleary the GT500 was most definitely pulling timing.

  8. Gt500 is fluffing the #s. Porsche is sand baggin the #s. Think the McLaren is the only guy giving accurate (ish) #s maybe fluffing just a bit. Was the McLaren /911 roll runs with a passenger in the 911?

  9. 1300 hoseepower is one mustang ho 1300 hoseepower is one golf mk2 2L 16S turbo is one big bomb the cars is 1300 hoseepower 4wd transmission automatique is the 8s2 the 1/4 m yes look the golf boba the video is one 🚀 100 kmh 200 kmh 3s just speed max is 335 kmh

  10. The mustang might be at 1000ish WPH but y’all have to realize that a “8o0 hP cAr” is not the same as an 800AWHP Turbo S or McLaren 800RWHP. Give a brick 1200hp, it’s still a brick. That’s why you never see Trackhawks do anything past a half mile. That’s why this mustang didn’t just gap everything. That’s why a stock 650hp 992 Turbo S left a Stock Demon in a roll race. Aero and weight are equally if not more important than power

  11. Mustang's almost have a RASPY sound but rarely seems to wow on the street..1300 hp…🙄🙃👀 I've seen these Supra B58 downpipe, Botti tune will RIP these guys to pieces… Enjoy your car bud otherwise don't race it.

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