💰 Percy Goes To Jason Brazzel @ BPF For Custom Stainless Headers

We finally get the coyote swapped Mercury comet back together with new PTC torque convertor and flex plate. Let’s load this thing up and ship it off to Jason Brazzel at BPF for custom stainless headers.

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🚗 The Comet Info👇🏻
1974 Mercury Comet (Ford Maverick)
5.0L Coyote Procharged Engine
Machine Work/Assembly by: TKM
📌 CRC Autobody & Paint
📍 Based Out Of Wilmington NC
📫 Contact Info: crcauto3401@aol.com
👉🏻Mikes channel: Blanton Dynamics
👉🏻Johns channel: Turbo John Racing
📲FaceBook: The Paint & Paper Hustle
👋Thanks For Watching 🙏
📻 Music 🎶 Credit 👇🏻
FREE BEATS NO COPYRIGHT – “Fair” | Free Type Beat 2022 | Trap Beat Instrumental | Prod Y-2

Prod by Y-2
Please check him out!


  1. Ok I always call it a flywheel. I say theirs a automatic flywheel and a manual flywheel. No need to get technical. Lol
    Didn't you have to put a reluctor wheel on it?
    I've never in my life called it a flexplate!

  2. I like the new intro…..kinda gangsta. 😎 On the car a fellow stick racer from Pennsylvania has the perfect front license plate….”If it has Tits or Tires…..your gonna have Problems!”….I like following your build/channel. Keep plugging at it. 👊🏻

  3. Jason is awesome dude in the fab world, followed him quite a bit couple yrs ago when him and John Doc were pretty tight, you definitely got hooked up with the right guy. I still got my fingers crossed on the starter, best of luck

  4. Man I’ve heard good and bad on Jason idk him personally I hear he is good on building headers if you can get it done but I’m not gonna judge him idk him and it’s probably just rumors great video though badass ride I’m starting to build a third gen specifically for the track the way my car is setup it’s to much going from the street to the track.

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