NPK Season 4 recap

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  1. Loving the channel. Been a big fan for a long time. Even got the chance to meet you at Topeka one night when you were testing the nova. Super cool guy, didn’t hesitate to let my 2 year old sit in the nova (something I was jealous of!). Anyways, looking forward to more videos!

  2. Is the npk surface not scraped like years past? Seems like more than ever this is about who has the most power and not so much about chassis and tune-up. Maybe that's how the cars evolved but it used to be promods at prepped events had less full passes that the cars of npk.

  3. Larry welcome to YouTube been a fan of yrs when I saw u on street outlaws no prep kings when I read in the dragzine that they told u that yr truck was not gonna be legal for season 3 no prep kings I felt like Ryan and them were jealous because u where getting yr single turbo setup figured out but let them get to u once u get yr Cadillac figured out Ryan and the 405 better watch cause Cadillac Larry is gonna be gunning for that championship

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