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  1. Been a fan since the "pink" nova and drag week consecutive wins. Always bragged you up, there's nothing more impressive than a builder winning with the car he built. Nothing against checkbook racers, obviously Larry Larson Race Cars needs them, but building your own puts you in a very elite class. It will be awesome to follow you with your new channel. You're the man!!

  2. Hell Yea! I want to go behind the scenes at the Larry Larson Race Car Shop. What do you do Larry? For those of us that were afraid to ask…
    AH HA! I knew it. MAGIC! Nice shop, Nice work Larry. Thanks for sharing.

    Hate to bug you about this; the orange Camaro looks sweet! Do you have any idea who makes those door mirrors on that car? I'm looking for something like those.

  3. Thank you so much Larry for making a channel can't wait to see how this blossoms your a very down to earth person Iv always wanted more videos of Larry Larson since iv seen you on 1320 this is going to blow up you should collaborate with cleetus mcfarland

  4. I remember when he came out to Topeka for the Heartland Nationals & wore our asses out in Top Sportsman with his S-10…then drove the damn thing home to rub it in our faces…If I ain't mistaken he even qualified #1 in that truck…SMH!!!

  5. Larry Congrats! always been a big fan of you and the cars you build and am glad you are doing the YouTube thing can't wait to see what you have instore for us.

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