Nitrous!!! How long will the engine last?

Haas update, Nitrous for the ice cream truck!! We get ready to head to the freedom factory for the LeMullets Race next Friday and attend @Cleetus McFarland Cleetus and Cars on Saturday!!

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  1. Hey Tom, that little inline 6 that's in the Ice Cream Truck needs Timing Chain and Gears at 100,000 miles and has a chain on the back of the engine to operate Two Balance Shafts ,that run off of the crank! I would check that out before I put any Nitrous to that engine.

  2. I know this was just put out today, so I’m guessing your going to read these! I ordered the magazine on Oct 1st, I know you said it was closing off @ the end of the week! So it’s 6 weeks today? How long does shipping take? I’ve asked all my neighbors, my mailman, it’s not anywhere in my town? So should it still be coming, did I miss the close off? Just wondering, I subscribed to get the first magazine, I’m still subscribed, I do have a screenshot of the proof of subscription? So does it take this long, is it lost? Just wondering! That Haas machine is worthless! Sorry but do you think that Brad Anderson or Alan Johnson would put up with that bullshit! They use MAZAKS for there blocks, some use Bostomatic for heads & intakes! Most Cylinder head guys use Deckel Maho! So I think your in one of the states where if it doesn’t do what it was advertised to, they have to come & get it & pay the difference to buy a machine that will! I know Dick Maskin went through that bullshit with a hone machine that wasn’t worth a shit! When he finally said he had enough, he called the company & told them that he was going to move forward with invoking that law, & they had a rigging company there really quickly! Good luck Tom, but your being way too nice! Nobody would put up with that bullshit! Blaming the material, is also bullshit, if a deckel maho could machine billets from 3rd world country’s, your Haas machine should cut any billet you throw into it! Again good luck, I feel really bad for you 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤯🤯🤯🤯!

  3. Tom, Your tips on habits and success are excellent, It is obvious to me that it requires a great deal of hard work to do what you are doing and have done, but I really appreciate hearing and seeing the continual advice on habits and procedure that you give. Thanks, a former Kirby vacuum salesman!

  4. You never said what tolerance that you are demanding or how far it is off. Moving parts around, with tool changes and hitting absolute .0000" is tough to achieve. (even .000" for that matter). But if they said it should meet your requirements, yeah, I'd be upset too.

  5. Your Hass is jacked up, I run a 5+2 Axis mill that has 200 inch travel in X 136 in Y and 62 in Z and it's with in .001 on a cut that ran for 45 hours . The only time it stopped was the change inserts .We took a little over 4k pounds of chips out of a block that was 170X90X 30.

  6. Seems like HAAS sold a machine where they really don't know 100% what they are doing with their customers to a customer that doesn't know 100% with these machines. That sucks they allowed themselves to sell a machine really they should not have sold to you. It's messed up they still can't make it right after all this time or come to terms on some level, it's bizarre.

  7. Yea after a year, IF it was a ground up new machine, they should have had 3-4 people a day there getting that machine up going and spitting out profits not sitting there as a shop ornament. About time to start charging back storage daily from the time it was installed unless they are paying you already and deferring payments until functional

  8. i hate to say this but after telling them what you wanted to do with it and they sold it to you. then they want you to buy more stuff. NO way you bought it to do something and it wont. they could give you what it needs OR give you your money back and come get that junk. i wouldnt give them another penny until its the way you wanted it when you paid for it. PLUS any part that you wanted to make with it but had to buy i would take that price off that POS and charge it back to them. and i'm thinking you need to get a lawyer.

  9. Sounds like the machine has thermal stability / growth issues ie as it heat and cool the machine grows and shrink and as your cutting your tool is moving further away or closer to you material.
    Obviously all machine do this but machine design plays a large part in its precision. The Haas isnt at it core built to that spec its basically 2 machine joined together rather than a whole new design to begin with.
    In the end you get what you pay for its not a grobe or makino or okuma or hermle.

  10. Tom get ahold of frieberger and see if you can get the 4.2 engine they did on hot rod garage. I believe it has some good parts in it and made killer power.

  11. Your having thermal expansion issues. You need glass scales on the cnc. You need to keep everything moving spindle and all axis. Once you stop the machine it cools. Methods machine tools wixom ask for aaron of you continue to have issues.

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