Hellcat Redeye vs Honda Civic 1/4 Mile Drag Race

The Twin Turbo Dodge Challenger Redeye of Redeye Racing lining up with a 7 second Turbo Honda Civic for a 1/4 mile drag race.

Redeye Racing became the first domestic to run a 7 in the True Street Class


  1. Everyone commenting love or hate for JDM and American muscle. Just show appreciation for the work that was done to both the vehicles, they are obviously equal, now admire, not hate.

  2. This was a bad ass race! Ive already replayed it 4 times while at work lol But once i seen the paragraph of excuses made by the redeye owner on instagram i laughed! Nobody can take a loss anymore smh reminds me of the colby vs usman fight but it is what it is imports ftmfw and it was fwd also not even awd at that, but good damn race non the less.

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