WCF β€˜21 Day 4 : ELIMINATIONS goes FULL SEND at Import vs Domestic World Cup Finals

Import vs Domestic World Cup Finals (WCF ’21) was absolutely insane!! What was your favorite car at the event?

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  1. been getting so upset the way a few YouTubers have been trying to capitalize of they're fan base even tho it's pretty clear how good YouTube has been to them.
    Your a breath of fresh air sir

  2. This is great filming and editing, just get to the point we wanna see some racing! πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½

  3. 41:23 that orange Mustang has some power. I felt it where i was at end of the track by the sign. 5.75 secs at 228 mph is a mind blown.

    Also rip evo 46:17 glade he walk away from it.

  4. Was that a nitrous backfire from joel? Finally figures out the launch and then that….world cup is hard on cars…they got to run these hotrods at 110%

  5. Watching these Hondas come off the line is just depressing……sure they run fast on the big end, but damn it's just the most uneventful thing ever out of the hole.

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