race is on!


  1. There was a lot of sh$%$%t talking but John was man enough to come and say "you won fair and square". What more can you ask for? Great race Panda.

  2. If you don't put a filter on it at least look into a turbo guard only bc of how low the turbo is to the road rocks are asking to chip those blades just food for thought

  3. I hope that you and Ghost can get past your differences and remain friends. It’s very entertaining. I’ve purchased 2 bikes since watching you guys. Together you’ll stand and divided you will surely fall. Work it fellas. Keep it going. Love is the key. Be blessed 🙏🏽

  4. Much respect to 👻! So glad yall worked it out! BFJ and TJ is comedians. Too funny! Congratulations 🐼 on the win.

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