Urban Hillbilly NOVA Testing on the STREET

I finally got my car back out thanks to the help of Cody Teague from Teague Fab. First time on Hoosier slicks and she seems to like them. BIG THANKS to my sponsors, TCI Engineering, 417 Motorsports, WORK Turbochargers, M&M Transmissions and Converters, TYDO Racecars, Hedden’s Performance, Racequip, Teague Fab, and All Parts Auto Salvage!


  1. After that 1st test hit I thought, bruhhh, way too slow for all that work… but after that 2nd hit I felt I had to apologize. Haha! Good stuff! She was moving!

  2. I wonder if you guys are going to film a horrific car crash one of these days with an innocent victim losing their life because of racing in the streets. You do realize it’s illegal! Quite a few people lately I’ve been losing their lives because of illegal street racing! I like your videos especially when the run legal race tracks! Not on public streets. You have to think about the public safety! All it takes is one unsuspecting victim to pull out in front of someone that has drag racing down the street and then lose their life it has been done before quite a few times. Or somebody shows up in the wrong place at the wrong time and pays with it with their life! You have to put yourself in the victims families view.

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