Aces High '57 Chevy Gasser project is back! We drag the car out and recap the build to this point

The Aces High ’57 Chevy Gasser project is back! We drag the car out of the corner and go over what’s been done so far, and what’s left to be done to get it going! I can’t wait to have this car finished!
Aces High build series:
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  1. Anxious to see more vids on "Aces High" during my winter hibernation here in New England. You and your dad sure know how to build cars. Thanks for uploading another great vid! Looking forward to many more…

  2. So glad to see this back on your busy schedule and what a cool shop!! There's so much cool going on with this build and can't wait to see what you guys do next – Great Stuff!!

  3. Sure is a neat build. Also good to see you and your dad working so well together on your car two heads are better than one lol. Also it's neat to see a real working old school repair shop where there's a mechanic and not a "tech"

  4. Cool project for sure 😎👍
    You just missed the Florida Dragstrip Riot, but next year gonna be even better. Bunch of cars coming from up north. Would love to have you in attendance.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. A clutch turbo 400 would be era correct and much easier on parts and to drive. I am old enough to have raced back then and my buddy ran his car with one and it worked killer.

  6. Y'all gonna put quarters on it or just mud it up? I think the Belair moldings will hide most of the pits on the right side, but the left one is plenty rough.

  7. Glad to see progress is coming on Aces High . keep those videos coming. Winter is almost here in Ontario , and these videos help to forget about the cold and the snow .

  8. I kinda forgot all about your brother tommy but i guess his all ready to chip in on aces high too…..the gold sheet metal is going to pop in the interior be well guys 🤙🙏

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