1300HP Turbo Huracan SCREAMS 9,000RPM + 1000HP McLaren 720s Backroad Pulls! (AMAZING SOUNDS!)

On this episode from FL2K21 we’re back with the Cicio Performance team, you’ve seen them on the channel many times before with their badass street GTRs and Porsches. This time we’re playing with a twin turbo Huracan and a 1000+HP McLaren 720s! They take us for a ride and let us get behind the wheel to experience these amazing machines, enjoy the beautiful sounds!

TRC Race Event Schedule:
TRC Street Kings Annual event – Bradenton Motorsports Park – Dec 11th
TX2K22 – March 16th – 20th – Houston Raceway Park


  1. I recently drove a Lamborghini Huracan. It was bone stock and it blew my mind. I just can't imagine doubling the horsepower. You guys are absolutely insane. πŸ‘

  2. Wtf?! That 3rd Person "video game" camera angle is insane. I've never seen anyone pull that off before. It's such a unique angle when shot in RL. At first I thought this was a showcase for some crazy new ultra-realistic next-gen racing game.

  3. I dont know but I'm 110;% sure your a better car builder!!! Wow this car is identical to that 991 c1300. This car reverts Nathan to a 9 year old boy who did his 1st 180 on bigwheel. You know everytime you get out after a ride you feel like giving flying high 5 to anyone. Not a thought in your head about politics business money dying… just sheer joy of being in something that wipes bad days off your mind like French maid. Nathan is secretly on a mission to better the world. All you got to be drive it this or even better 991 c1300. Trouble instantly gone and school girl giggles every gear. You are Champion Mr. CICIO. ACES, friggin mega🀯

  4. I love your channel but I’m not gonna lie I’m over Lamborghinis. Seen one you’ve seen them all with a turbo kit. It’s just like watching a rerun

  5. Not sorry but I'd need a blanket or a pillow when I got out of either of those, wouldn't want to let's say catch an indecent exposure charge with a creepy smile on my face. Some sick ass cars

  6. Not gonna lie, I’ve sat in a LOT of Turbo V10 cars and none of them have that weird buzzing sound when you let off. It almost sounds like vibration of 2 parts, off-load, like the exhaust touching something.

  7. I know he owns Cicio but his lambo game is behind, 3.5 for a stock motor is slow, 3.1 is a good time and under 3.1 and in the 2’s is really good.

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