Flooded Flip: Can I Buy & Sell a soggy 1975 Oldsmobile Delta 88? Mr. Goodpliers wheels and deals!

In this episode, Mr. Goodpliers wheels and deals a flooded flip 1975 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale sedan! Come along to find out if I can buy and sell this soggy car!


  1. I was a young'n back in '75 running all around an Olds dealership owned by a close family friend. These cars were beautiful in their day. Sad to see it like this now all these years later. My parents bought a new '79 98 Regency with the 350, maroon on maroon. $8300 drove off the lot… boy have things changed.

  2. Refurb on back of car trailer, good times, put front and rear axles under a 79 bronco like this right before covid hit, it's come along way, almost done with it. the old delta 88 she was a boat,

  3. You dig 70/80s. I’m guessing because of our age difference I’m into big 60s cars especially giant station wagons and 58 to 65 Impalas. Still love almost anything post war. By the way you won that trade.

  4. In the Seventies, I worked in a plastics plant where we made a lot of those parts for Fisher Body. Those filler panels in the bumpers were made of gray polyurethane then painted to GM specs. The pillar panels were molded in the desired colored polypropylene (greens, beige, mustard, maroon, etc.). Even then, I knew those parts would not outlive the car. No idea who made the steering wheel plastics though.

  5. You definitely got the better end of the trade. If it was a 2 door I would have to upset my wife and buy it. She wants me to get rid of my last olds as it is, so she would really be upset if i bought another project

  6. Oldsmobile engines do have a core plug on the exhaust manifold facing side of the cylinder head period that might be where your coolant is coming from

  7. That '75 was pretty solid considering it was buried, it was a good trade, maybe the derby driver had a conscience?! (doubt it!). Remove the trailer hitch and put a '70's bumper sticker over the hole!

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